Three Powerful FaceBook Traffic Generation Tips

www.outsourcinglive.com Learn how to increase your traffic to a website and build an audience using Facebook. Inside this video I share with you the top three strategies I use, which includes having a FaceBook FanPage and much much more. This was the first step in driving traffic to your website. Then I received feedback asking how I created a personalised FaceBook username or an easy to remember URL link such as www.tyroneshum.com With these two steps completed it’s time to promote your FaceBook Fan Page across the Internet and drive more traffic to your blog or website to help you build an audience, which you can potentially offer your services or products to. Today’s focus is going to be talking specifically about FaceBook. Let me go through now the three tips I’m going to give you in terms of how to be able to drive traffic and build up your FaceBook profile: -Setup your FaceBook Fanpage -Checkout FaceBook groups and see relevant networks in which you can market or promote products to -Network with top bloggers or Internet Marketers (Don’t contact them just to be able to promote your products soon. What I highly recommend you do is to build up a strong relationship with them simply by networking with them.) The technique that I’ve used very often is contacting them by asking if they like to do an interview with me. After that interview, I’ll promote it to my database or my list of subscribers. That’s a very powerful technique that I highly recommend that you can do

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  2. DiamondMKTV says:

    I am trying to make a Cartoon called tyrone’s family, i have been looking for some groups that are trying to create cartoons. Can you take a look at my page and see, if there are any tips you can give me about how to spread the buzz around?

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  4. YourOnlineBizAcademy says:

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  6. tyroneshum says:

    Good question. I’ll look into finding out how to do this for people.


  7. gunplay14 says:

    excuse me how to u make it onthe reccommended pages on the rightside of facebook

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