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Follow This Week in Social Media on Twitter: twitter.com Connect with the Hosts on Twitter: Sean Percival – twitter.com Judalina Neira – twitter.com Mike Bracco – twitter.com GUEST Alexia Tsotsis Writer, TechCrunch Twitter: twitter.com Web: alexiatsotsis.com INTERVIEW We discussed Alexia’s recent article on TechCrunch in which she outlines Facebook’s Bill of Rights — a list of rights that she believes all users of Facebook should have. We had a great discussion about the motivation behind the article and the possibilities of Facebook implementing some of these rights. FEATURED APP — Mint.com Mint.com — Great personal financial management app with one of the best corporate blogs out there. Mint connects to all of your online banking accounts and automatically categorizes purchases as you make them and compares them to budgets you set for yourself. In addition, it also shows purchasing trends in your area and compares your spending patterns to others in your area as well as your income bracket. TIP OF THE WEEK — Managing Multiple Accounts Registering multiple Twitter accounts can be tricky as Twitter only allows a one email address to be associated with one Twitter account. To get around this, simply amend the “+” symbol to your Gmail or Google apps account to essentially create an alias email on the fly. So if your username is JohnDoe@gmail.com simply use JohnDoe+twitterusername1@gmail.com and JohnDoe+twitterusername2@gmail.com etc… to get around the Twitter

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