Think Social Media Is A Fad? Think Again 2011 Youtube Facebook Twitter Linkedin Statistics

www.susuworld.com Connect with me on Twitter http Video illustrating social media statistics from Twitter to Youtube to Facebook to Linkedin and others. Statistics of all the top social media sites. Song: La La La by Artist: Dek Statistic Sources: Youtube www.youtube.com Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter blog.kissmetrics.com Twitter – ‘most popular amongst working adults’ www.nielsen-online.com Linkedin press.linkedin.com Keywords social media statistics, marketing, facebook, youtube, twitter, linkedin, stumbleupon, social media marketing, software business cellphones google communications computer, TV channel, facebook statistics, youtube statistics, twitter statistics, linkedin statistics
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  1. remmsteinslove says:

    No i’m not part of the change i meet people and talk to them face to face and i have 1.000 friends but they real not digital part of facebook.

  2. ZenCartEasyHelp says:

    Nice video! Check out our channel for lots of Easy Help Zen Cart Video Tutorials. We are adding new ones daily!

  3. therealnegotiator says:

    Congratulations on a SUPERB video presentation. I RATE IT a 10+

  4. susuclients says:

    Thank you for your comments. The sources for the statistics in the video have now been added to the description above. Hope that helps

  5. morningiggle says:

    I really like the video Well done. Can you reveal the source for the stats?

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