The World of Social Media 2011

To see more interesting things visit factspy.net Get ready to learn some shocking facts and figures in this great video infograph. You are about to learn about the sheer volume of people that use the wonderful world of social networking… Thanks to www.videoinfographs.com And their youtube channel www.youtube.com
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  1. occhiondolo says:

    now I feel like I’m just a number´╗┐ ­čÖü

  2. Seurph says:

    and why not´╗┐ ?

  3. shoshenkis says:

    youtube´╗┐ a social media ? Oh puh-lee-ze

  4. Seurph says:

    I did not post this video´╗┐ and you are aggresive

  5. dwaynekilbourne says:

    Thanks for sharing, @FactSpy´╗┐

  6. siteboxcms says:

    Good to´╗┐ see this!

  7. julius9747 says:


  8. Seurph says:

    Maybe they did some mistakes but instead of just saying “wow great grammar mistakes” you should point out where they are like grown up people do´╗┐

  9. JazzLover747 says:

    did a child make this video? why´╗┐ are there SO many grammar mistakes?

  10. HFMuRdOc says:

    Have someone proofread your grammar and´╗┐ orthography, this looks extremely unprofessional.

  11. SlothmanJr says:

    Pretty insane stuff. :P´╗┐

  12. eveuh17 says:

    What’s´╗┐ the name of the music ?

  13. SamuelPicken says:

    1:07´╗┐ , characters is spelt wrong ­čÖé

  14. PeculiarTactics says:

    inb4´╗┐ reddit

  15. dnhennayake says:

    women are sooo jobless ­čśÇ ´╗┐

  16. blackkeyetude says:

    inb4 stupid comment´╗┐ about typos

  17. wish2drift says:

    looking forward to some more of the´╗┐ cartoon ones

  18. CoobieIncubator says:


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