The Walking Dead Long Road Ahead Walkthrough – 3/3

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  1. lAlarikl says:

    Guess he spent muuuch time tryin to find way inside:D

  2. RAOliverDude says:

    Wait… why was 31:38 timed…?

  3. 2xucan says:

    I was quite happy with the choices you’ve made. Hope you’ll be able to do the same in the next Episode. 

  4. saifulXY says:

    u should enable the subtitle nextime…

  5. CosmicAtomal says:

    Glenn was in atlanta wasnt he?

  6. rafaeld101 says:

    who do you think that guy is on the walkie? i personaly think think that its glenn.

  7. GamingVlogNetwork says:

    Thanks :D

  8. Matias TheWhiskyGhost says:

    you got me subscribed buddy, no one else made the whole runthrough with good decisions and good video quality 🙂

  9. theskymilotic says:


  10. rafaeld101 says:

    each episode is 5 so the whole thing when it comes out will be about $25

  11. MLGGamer2009 says:

    so depressing that kenny’s entire family dies, why would telltale kill off a child

  12. theskymilotic says:

    how much is it to buy this game if you dont mind me asking

  13. AyeRaph says:

    Loved it! Subbed

  14. OcelotPlissken47 says:

    good stuff.

  15. GamingVlogNetwork says:

    Hope you enjoyed the playthrough 😀

  16. GamingVlogNetwork says:

    Thanks for subscribing 😀 

  17. EliasDaemonwing says:


  18. Fupachu says:

    new subscriber 🙂

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