The United States Economic Recession: Robert Kiyosaki Responds on October 9, 2008

http://www.KyleClouse.com In this 10 minute section of an interview conducted by mike dillard with Robert Kiyosaki on October 9, 2008, Robert explains that t…
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  1. chazrockwell84 says:

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  2. Kertis Hussey says:

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  3. Lyle Hochstetler says:

    Will the electric n water be turned off when the dollar crashes????

  4. MegaAvalonn says:

    My experiences with network marketing have hardly been glorious. I’ve only lost money attempting network marketing. The problem with network marketing is so many people are in it online that the market is completely saturated. There are millions and millions of people selling your same crap. Because the online market is saturated, you’re left with the local market. Halifax, Nova Scotia is an incredibly poor market for selling anything. People are cheap here. They love Wal-Marts…

  5. bordkrijt says:

    Thanks USA for the recession, we all thank you..

  6. Efficacious24 says:

    I listened to Robert Kiyosaki’s advice on silver: “I believe this is the biggest investment anyone can make in the next 100yrs” I did my research and found an opportunity that has changed my life in 12 months. Take a look like i did…. Visit: goldsave.co/

  7. RichieRich5196 says:

    If you not trying to make money in Network Marketing you are crazy. Learn how I generate money with Brian McCoy Marketing System

  8. upcycle says:

    I also like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Robert Allen, Clement Stone, Dan Kennedy, John Maxwell, Timothy Ferriss, Harv Eker, Jim Rohn, Rich Dad Advisor’s like Sharon Lechter and her husband, among others.

  9. upcycle says:

    your question not answerable in the way you are asking. Say you were driving to an address but were having trouble getting their, you pull out your gps and look for destination on the map. And supposing Kiyosaki is someone that helped u understand how to use the GPS. Then someone asked you how much money his teaching made you. And perhaps Kiyosaki is one of several people that contributed information on understanding the GPS.

  10. upcycle says:

    beerbrook, your question is not answerable IMHO. Or it is not answerable in a way that u seem to be seeking. Kiyosaki provides information that can spurn ideas and creativity that can help people achieve financial freedom. Here is an example, in 1 of his programs he explains in details what a financial statement is. Most people, IMHO, don’t know what that is. That alone would not be enough 2 “make you money”, but it is one of many things that are critical 4 those wanting 2 be financially free.

  11. RichDadClubsRussia says:

    Приглашаем к сотрудничеству капиталистов для развития «Real Rich Dad in Russia».

  12. GSDebunked says:

    why is gofall getting flagged as spam and comments removed.. seems like a good contributor

  13. gofall says:

    i mean the most succesfull ppl recomend network marketing if u dont have enough money for other options. and most of ppl listen to their “friends” which tell me its not gonna work.
    it is your life, so u decide how u gona live it. Do your friends pay your bills? mine dont, thats why i choose what i do and i choose to follow succesfull ppl.
    as always, where there is most people, it isn’t good.

  14. gofall says:

    i tottaly agree with djking2d on everything. will it change your opinion if a total stranger on the internet tells u how much money he makes? also if you seriously want to start something make sure you ask the RIGHT people. if u think those are on the internet you are wrong.

  15. DIJV79 says:

    Kiyosaki cannot tell how to make money if you get a strong enough why you will get the how, I’ve started with taking classes in business and accounting why because you learn the laws the laws are the rules if you don’t know the rules you can’t play bottom line.

  16. usana54321 says:

    i make 600 dlls a week i work 3 day´s 3 hours in network marketing ! !

  17. djking2d says:

    when you have a big enough reason to succeed, then you will make it. there will be mistakes, but it is worth it.
    this also isn’t a pyramin scheme. He gives you some knowledge and places to get more knowledge. That’s what he gives, not a formula. If you wan to be secure or financially free, go for it. I am way ahead of my peers, while in college.

  18. djking2d says:

    Yes, it does work. You have to really learn about it before you act, but it can work. Its not going to be easy, if you choose to go forward. There will be times that you will want to quit, and think its a bunch of crap, but he admits he’s been broke several times, and now he is on Donald Trumps level. That is persistence, knowledge, and action put together. Remember this: If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Its not about what you do, but why you do it.

  19. beerbrook says:

    I guess i can ask it another way. Does it work? Can the system make you money , is it better than a 9-5 job that provides no job security.
    I have had experience and things have been said such as pyramid scheme, so i want to know what works

  20. djking2d says:

    i apologize for snapping, but one has to wonder why a stranger would want to know how much a person has made. Its not something that people ask all the time, and I don’t feel the need to share my financial situation right now. I am secure enough not to tell everyone.

  21. djking2d says:

    go ask someone else you don’t know to tell you how much they’ve made. not many want to share how much money they have.

  22. beerbrook says:

    seeing as you are so negative here i can make a good guess you didn’t make very much if any at all. By the way i am curious nothing personal

  23. djking2d says:

    its none of your damn business how much money I’ve made by learning from him. if it was your business, my account would be public knowledge.

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