The Unauthorized Biography of Jonathan Budd

arthurbernierjr.me Jonathan Budd is a hard person to get into touch with. So i have compiled some info together on him to make it easier for you to understand him. He is truly an Unstoppable Entrepreneur and is the inspiration behind my most recent blog series entitled the Unstoppable Series. In order to check out JB’s documentary just go to ArthurBernierjr.me make sure you watch it there so when Jonathan launches his Unstoppable Entrepreneur Live Experience, You can get 20% cash back and also 7000 dollars in bonuses from me and my wife for joining us there.

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  1. afterbreakingup says:

    Very cool video. You set yourself apart from the competition with your style and your video is just as compelling as any other more “main street” videos.

  2. RamonPoloHere says:

    Cool video, buddy.
    I’ll be ate the event 😉

  3. sponsoringondemand says:

    @johnrpike yup it’s me arthur rapping lol

  4. JohnRPike says:

    Hi Albert,

    Did you compose this rapping hip hop song? Very good & Inspirational. In any event, thanks for sharing. best regards, John

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