The True History Of All Pyramids Part 3

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  1. Edgebotv4 says:

    the claims about ultra heavy moving arnt accurate, humanity has moved individual objects over 3000 tonnes like the Saturn rocket , assorted ultra heavy industrial equipment like oil and desalination infrastructure ranking over 4000 tonnes.

  2. Courtney Whitaker says:

    Or the fallen Angels could have built them.

  3. Courtney Whitaker says:

    The book of Enoch: The fallen Angels went into the daughters of men on the earth (pre flood) And the women bore Giants 450 lb tall. Why no bones? Because they Angelic and later pronounced as Evil Spirits whom God destroyed. Giants could have built these. Enoch was 7 generations from Adam & Was Noahs Grand Father. Intense. The truth is stranger than fiction.

  4. john doah says:

    they lived hundreds of years old more time to learn. maby imbreading shortened life span

  5. findvoltage says:

    has any one thought about why we came out of the last flood so dumb? why are we so dumb? did only a few survive and they were uneducated, are we live stock for aliens? so many questions, so little time left.

  6. SegBekur says:

    amazing how there is no new info on BS science like this since Erich von Däniken the original maker of this cult but yet there are always new people who can get money of it

  7. BradMLayZ says:

    I wouldn’t blatantly say alien, that paints a picture of little green guy. Extraterrestrial though, sure.

  8. enow0049 says:

    yes, that crossed my mind too. They were super intelligent.all religious books depicts them as aliens, which in my view is true. God is an alien. He is a higher being.

  9. Neal Vanderstelt says:

    @kousoulides, they couldn’t lay them that accurately even today no matter what equipment is used. 

  10. shivrajvishnu says:

    Some people don’t want to believe they have limited consciousness.
    They also don’t know that they are unaware of things which they don’t know.
    This is the problem with historians.

  11. dbfan2scfan says:

    They made the stones float…

  12. Kris Mills says:

    I vaguely remember reading something saying the ancient pyramids maybe,
    much older than we think.

  13. Ed Moochie says:

    story of coral castle explains some stuff about anti grav used for massive block placement.

  14. jack smith says:

    luv ya work!

  15. RSF1972 says:

    The answer to me is Fallen Angels and their giant children, the nephilims.

  16. AstralPossibilities says:

    Did you forget in part 2 that 4 civilizations of the world specifically said the sun gods built the pyramids. That’s the best part of all that ppl really tend to overlook. They wouldn’t put that as a practical joke. Get real.

  17. joh1722 says:


  18. donotspyonme says:


  19. kousoulides says:

    Actually few modern cranes can lift up to 4000…

    But still… man back then … 1000 tons.. gee those Egyptians.. must have thought something cool.

  20. CarstenDam says:

    Age of awakening. New Ice age. Sea level will go down. New monuments will be revealed. 🙂

  21. afterdavit says:

    maybe so, but in the sand over that distance?

  22. s4a4v4y says:

    digging for the truth..dig..where to dig..oh guess what the pyramid is built on one of the largest mountains..is there large mountains in the ocean ? here too..the stone is as well as the sphinx was carved and not built..but how big was the mountain that the sphinx was carved from..where did the rest of the rock go to..why is the pyramid mead from twoo different types of stone..they dug and pushed sand around and round each layer of the pyramid and dug for rock and piled stones on each layer

  23. Gnostic279 says:

    I think he is right
    cranes are limited in their capacity because of leverage. too much weight and they will flip over or the boom can break. Have u not seen those huge f’n dump trucks. u know the one’s with tires u have to climb with a ladder.

  24. Sean McCready says:

    Ok kids, he almost had me until…

    1.) The largest dump truck can cary 320 tons. The world’s largets crane is in fact mobile, and has a lifting capacity of 1200 tons.
    2.) I believe his info on this to be defficient.
    3.) I’ve seen the sarcophogi at Giza. There is no way they could support 40 ton covering slabs. No were they even built large enough to necessitate a covering of said magnitude.

    Just putting it out there….

  25. amtek666 says:

    Nassim for president!!!!!!!!

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