The True History Of All Pyramids Part 1

Amazing facts about pyramids in Egypt, China, Japan, South America and the Sun-Gods who built them. Our True History – Pyramids and Sungods by Nassim Haramein FreeAutomatedMarketing.RepStars.Biz http AutomatedMarketing.RepStars.Biz THE MOST ADVANCED WIDGET TECHNOLOGY AND MOST…

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  1. SlaintheName91 says:

    and colonization aint help nothing but europeans seperate Africans there nations compartmentalize there government and the portuguese dutch french brithish american moslem all of them stole land people religion n resources extreme regime to one group of people on an otherwise unprovoked angle should incite the good historian /researcher to determine a reference 4 such hostility and degrading policies towards them maybe in prehistory the roles were reveresed ill b happy when true history is open

  2. SlaintheName91 says:

    Europe raped Africa there wouldve been no industrial revolution in Europe without the exploitation of Africans and theyre continents minerals there would be no fortune 500 business men right now who own millions of dollars in assest without there forefathers coralling slaves to work for there fortunes and them carrying it over to there sons n daughters Neiman Marcus Macy’s Sears Zales Kuhn all them got there mass fortunes through the slave trade Europeans did nothing but devalue Africa

  3. Joe Mills says:

    Europe raped Africa? I would not agree or disagree on that, its a lot more complicated.

    The fact of the matter is, Europeans have both helped and hindered Africans, but the 2 main negative impacts were the slave trade and colonization.

    Although colonization has helped in some areas like South Africa and Nigeria, it has also displaced the native tribes and the Portuguese stole land from them.

    Im happy to see independent states forming in Africa and want to see the African people do well.

  4. SlaintheName91 says:

    im neither but im a truther and i understand that racism was prevalent when the prevailing ideas of egpytology were being discussed and codified into books and that racial dogma prevented many white scholars of being honest with what they found out about different cultures(egpyt) and so for you to spout of something you read on wikipedia about black skin for wealth is absurd and you should name a source for that comment never said melanin makes one better than the other tell that 2 eurocracy

  5. SlaintheName91 says:

    civilization and knowledge bid and places that title in the hands of the most senior esoteric and underrepresnted race of the 21st century the African and his descendants If they give Egpyt its due place as predeccesor of western civilization and accept its native population(africans) as its race then whites will forever be looked at as backwards for what they did and there rationale behind slavery itll look like jealousy one power had 2 wane for there power to grow raped africa and europe grew

  6. Joe Mills says:

    Im not a white or black supremacist, I just hate Jews maybe why?

    Black is not superior to white, everyone is different.

    Having more melanin in the skin does not make you better than other races, its not funny and your stereotyping.

  7. SlaintheName91 says:

    never native to the egyptiain landscape and whites were slaves for a long time and blacks ruled everywhere and that was an established fact until the 30years war which really was a race war whites needed something to lay claim 2 history Rome had black emperors, Pope’s, Knights, and royalty the Greeks copyied everything they could from Egpyt and so did rome 2 “pioneering” civilizations…..please they want us 2 beleive egypt wasnt all black becuase it throws a wrench in the Whites brought

  8. SlaintheName91 says:

    No you do realize that Egypt was a black civilization in its roots and predynastcs roots names of its towns and the the religion and language Many Egyptain Pharaohs are painted with black skin which is a sign of there wealth.?? r u serious haha you are a white supremacist? why would they do that when they were gods to there people(pharoah) evrybody alrerady knew of there wealth/power get real im suprised u believe such ignorance haha i guess white skin was a sign of giref huh greeks n turks were


    NOT true…..ORIGINALLY it was all black, it became mixed over time through acceptance of and invasions of Greeks, Turks, and Arabs…when they infiltrated the ORIGINAL people they took over their thrones, made themselves Pharaohs, were painted along with the original people, buried as mummies with the original people, and made statues of themselves, and mixed with the original people. It became like America is now.

  10. Joe Mills says:

    You are a black supremacist? You do realise Egyptian hieroglyphics show farmers of mixed skin colour? Both black and white and things in between living together. Many Egyptian Pharaohs are painted with dark skin which was a sign of wealth but the farmers and people would have been mixed, some even descended from Greeks or Ancient Turks.

  11. Joe Mills says:

    2,300,000 blocks, yet only a few thousand sledges, just recycle them. Each time a block is lifted, they would have pulled the used sledge back from the next corner and placed it under the block as its rotated and lowered then pulled up to the next notch.

  12. findvoltage says:

    non sense to the no sense, why would you comment on something you have no idea about?

  13. streetera7 says:

    Love this vid, we know whats really going on;

  14. Africathegreat says:

    Black folks built, designed and developed this pyramids. That shows the intelligence of blacks. People will say what ever niggers are so stupid and expose so much violence today. Well beat your kids for over 500 years, change their diets, teach them NOT TO READ and WRITE, teach them a totally different way of thinking and even a totally different language and most effectively disperse them all over the globe outside there natural environment and see how white people turn out 500 years later.

  15. eneitchell says:

    This whole lecture was amazing, though I would liked him to share his sources of information more frequently. He’s a brilliant thinker obviously, and he’s skilled at finding arguments linking things together and thus making pretty rational assumptions, but he fails to convince me of his skills as a scientist. He would appear as much more convincing if he’d more thoroughly explained how his sources collected their information.

  16. libraryquiet says:

    You sound like your messiah does in this video. Nothing but jibberish. Pure nonsense!

  17. findvoltage says:

    No, they are intelligent , competent, forward thinking person’s. They think for them self’s, you are not right in the mind, you follow the masses way of being because it is easier than thinking for your self, your life has so far been a waste of time, you will regret this when your time is up… unfortunately.

  18. findvoltage says:

    why do we “ppl with innate knowledge” bother to argue with these Godless scientist’s and just move on, why are we seeking they’re approval? who gives a toss what they “belive” i for one certainly do not, please stop even acknowledging these people. Who cares what they ‘think’?

  19. libraryquiet says:

    Like the government has monopoly over everything. So your completely whipped by the government. You can’t do, say, go anywhere without permission from the government? You see a strange object in the sky from your backyard and just like that someone from the government comes around the corner of your house and tells you it was nothing. Nasa and the government are keeping secrets from us about ufo’s? There’s people claiming contact with aliens from the Pleiades!…, so much for secrets being kept.

  20. libraryquiet says:

    Right on buddy! Well said. This guy’s video’s are nothing more than nourishment for the gullible!

  21. rockyofusa1 says:

    This guy echo’s what deep down we know. The thing that gets me is that our government steals our money, and our facts which knowledge is power. So as I saw on another documentary (which may or may not be true, I’m just saying,) that we have lost the knowledge of how to levitate things, how to gain knowledge from like Edgar Caycy said he did, access it from a “library.” –For why would be allow them to govern over us if we regained these skills. – This guy tried to make learning humorous.

  22. libraryquiet says:

    This guy is a complete idiot to the highest degree!

  23. navijatt says:

    his logic is impeccable…too bad u need a government stamp for the masses to accept u as credible…

  24. JTC31290 says:

    This is true. I just don’t understand how ancient people could come up with such an idea when they pretty much had nothing. Obviously some people are meant to be renovators, because we wouldn’t be where we are today if those kinds of people didn’t exist. Even if they did put in a lot of work and effort their entire lives, how did they carve such precise hieroglyphics? Unless it was aliens, there’s no way this will ever be figured out.

  25. bodyelectrica says:

    If you consider the pyramid to be a grave than you want it to be ready before you are dead when you are the Pharao,no?

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