The transition of social networking sites.

The transition of social networking sites.

Article by Paul S Dawson

Studies over the last few years show that social sites have undergone a gradual change from being just a personal contact site to full fledged business networking sites. These sites have today become meeting and networking places for business people from all across the world. Business individuals are increasingly making use of virtual communication that these sites offer. People can now make connect with each other through messengers as well as posting entries. There are even business groups available that you can join in a specific category and share common goals and interests. People now can also post their pictures, blogs, banner ads, slideshows and videos and can promote their business. Social sites are one of the best sources today to find anything related to business and the products and services that the business offers. You can find plenty of  information on the reputation and experience of the business as well. Recent developments in a particular business category are also highlighted. Hence you have access to up to date knowledge of what is happening in the business world. Social networking sites have now become a professional network which is used as a business to business marketplace. You have a great opportunity in front of you to connect to people and also network with them. You can make you presence felt in places where you want to be known. You as a business professional can also share your experience with like minded people and in turn get to know a lot of new things from them as well. The traditional way of meeting face to face is a little bit of passed now. This is because you can interact with each other in real time and instantly through a host of communication methods such as online messengers, talking through VOIP technology and also video conferencing. Not only are the mediums affordable, they are also fast and reliable. Today social networking sites are also being used by niche categories of business such as medical professionals. Healthcare professionals share their knowledge and expertise with other professionals in the same group. Also they help users on the social sites with their healthcare problems and propose remedies and solutions. For example, the pharmaceutical companies today have realized the importance of influencing the opinion leaders on social sites and spend millions of dollars to win their heart. Social network sites are also proving to be a boon to people who are suffering from various diseases and aliments. Sites like PatientsLikeMe offer the members an opportunity to get in touch with other members who deal with such issues and also share experiences about their own diseases and what efforts they have made to get back to normalcy again. Social network sites are increasingly being used for social good as well. For example, many organizations are using these sites to connect to each other and get in regular touch with each other. The smaller organizations that don’t have infrastructure or facilities to reach out to people make use of these sites to expand their network.

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