The Totally Rad Show – SNEAK PEEK! The Social Network REVIEW

Could a movie about Facebook and starring Justin Timberlake be one of the best films of the year?

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  1. luis61961944 says:

    why is not called facebook?

  2. lokicdn says:

    Have seen this and read several other great reviews about the movie. Strangely enough I still have no desire to see it.

  3. XxProknifeXx says:

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  4. thekoolkurt says:

    @HeshyZed1138 Facebook isn’t having anything to do with the movie in any way…

  5. tmick62 says:

    Never heard ANY of your reviews, but this was one of the most thorough reviews i’ve seen on you tube…very good guys! you’ve got a new subscriber.

    In regards to the film itself..i read the script already, and i totally agree with you guys–This movie is artistically and structurally amazing, and it will captivate millions, just as facebook did 7 years ago.

  6. ongally says:

    coming soon: twitter. starring michael cera making quips for an hour and a half.

  7. demiser21 says:

    I’m not sure i could enjoy the film knowing it is so fake not that there is anything wrong with dramatizing events for an enjoyable movie I just wouldn’t be able to not dwell on that.

  8. TnVproduction101 says:

    @HeshyZed1138 are you stupid the founder of facebook is 100% against it

  9. brianzbl says:

    @HeshyZed1138 Plus facebook did not even want this released, its a good movie, and a good concept for a movie.

  10. JLoni76 says:

    Can’t wait to see this, awesome review!

  11. rpavlis53 says:

    Do versus with video games and Tv shows!

  12. bloodcrest007 says:

    Alex that hair due adds ten years on you =)

  13. totallyradshow says:

    @HeshyZed1138 ??? We didn’t get paid to say anything.

  14. megamule064 says:

    @HeshyZed1138 yeah, thats why it has a perfect rating on rotten tomatoes and many respected critics are calling it film of the year.

  15. HeshyZed1138 says:

    The only reason its the “most” talk about movie is because people on facebook pay reviewers to say good things about it, in the end its a movie about Facebook, i mean come on how lame and uncreative do you have to be to make a film about a social network, seriously there was no other film ideas? to me it seems like their just doing it for money, zombie land was so much better

  16. thewanderingrogue says:

    Alex’s hair… wat.

  17. Dougie666 says:

    good stuff guys:)

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