The Time Has Come. The People Will Rise. The Freedom Informant Network Is OFFICIALLY LIVE!

The Freedom Informant Network: NOW ONLINE. www.freedominfonetwork.org FIN on Facebook www.facebook.com FIN on Twitter: www.twitter.com FIN was founded as an outlet for alternative news as well as a vene for like-minded and concerned people to put their heads together and debate, share ideas and socialize. Today the tradition continues as we work to launch FIN 2.0, a cleaner, more streamlined website where we hope to see more activity than even before! Let it be known: Freedom Informant Network does not advocate any political party/politician. This is not a political promotion/campaign. FIN is a social/media conduit for YOU, by YOU. While each and every one of you are entitled to your right to your own beliefs or preferences (and we hope you can respect that in each other), FIN will not be used to promote any political affiliation or support of any politician/political candidate The Freedom Informant Network is a collaborative effort of a vast and diverse group who have found themselves possessing knowledge to share with the world. We are here to help those who seek true freedom find the answers they are searching for by creating an open medium of information. Many of us have dedicated much of our time to extensive research into many different areas. The Network is extremely important in this day in age to ensure the free flow of vital information. Our goal is to bring the information to all that we can to expose the facts on topics the main-stream media will not touch. In
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  1. ErlingBlodoeks says:

    Collectivism doesnt work, voluntarism, non-aggression and liberty should apply to every individual regardless of economic, political or inheritable power. Freedom and prosperity for all!

  2. heartfire451 says:

    We are being maneuvered into a brother against brother civil war. Remember folks always that the way to kill a snake is to cut it’s head off. The head of this snake is in political offices and CEO suites in office buildings. In bank board rooms. The police and military are only dumb pawns in this matter. Many are actually good people who need to be enlightened. It is mainly the ones up top that need finding and killing. Remember that this is a spiritual war. A biblical type battle.

  3. Gary Sutherland says:

    Your opinions are not correct for everyone. Perhaps you require a material incentive or a leader to motivate your behavior. I love working towards mutual gain with people I admire and respect. I love discovering new ways to help solve old problems. Your views toward society appear to reflect the psychological disorder referred to as “cognitive dissonance”, which is a perfectly natural mental process cured through healthy learning and experience. Focus on overcoming selfish behavior.

  4. Gary Sutherland says:

    Pursue that idea. It is an excellent one and I cannot discover any personal gain Jacque could possibly make by devoting his time to it. Many people seem to want “miracles”, but through my eyes what that man is doing IS a miraculous. Everyone wants to believe that the good things that happen occur because of some personal value they posses. We all posses that value and those things happen when real people sacrifice their time and effort to make them happen. The miracle is that anyone still tries.

  5. Gary Sutherland says:

    This is by no means a new idea. Popular ideas become establishments. People who lack the knowledge or experience to understand the ideas become enslaved to non-functional tradition. Truth cannot be taught. It can only be recognized. It is in the hearts and minds of everyone. Listen to right ideas. Jesus tried the idea of “teaching” truth to all. We only spread the fairy tales. Learn history or suffer it. Live, learn, and love. It is that simple. Today’s anarchist become tomorrow’s oppressors.

  6. Primal67060 says:

    I’m am a III%er. I have no knowledge in computer programing but I stand along with many of the like mind to stand and protect the constitution at all cost. They only stand because of their army. Without that, that are nothing more than a few office buildings full of corrupt suits. The route of all evil. It is up to We The People to stand againest them because we have had enough.

  7. James Randall says:

    18 people would rather be a slave.

  8. cjaydub316 says:

    What information do you have on all this going on. Please share with me as I am tired of this shit.

  9. kayzon7 says:

    courage is now necessary to stand against authority who r hell bent on power and control, if we r to survive we must shake off this sick diabolical monstrosity of social concern the powers that be r feeding us stop consuming poisons of the mind, boby and spirit, wake up and rise up conpared to right if we do and thru with the removal of the parasitical elite….Paradise awaits us just on the other side of insanity its awaiting our global response now, our time has begun, we r change, time is now

  10. 2004JustBe says:

    sounds like a new platform for a new company ..ain’t that what is the problem now is all these young people asking platform companies on the net and cashing in like Facebook,Twitter and so on? I thought companies are the one’s running our Government…why would we want to make you both rich…no thanks there has to be a better way!

  11. a7x4life521 says:

    I don’t even know why I’d comment on this. I found this video through a song I was listening to and this interested me but it’s a little confusing. First of all, there is no way you’d influence a large enough amount of people that you are predicting to encourage to “rise up.” And second, rise up to what? For some reason, around 6-7 minutes in, the video restarted and it wouldn’t let me fast forward back. But still, I’d like to know the goal for FIN because it’s a bit confusing.

  12. alsoRichards says:

    You’re continuing the legacy of using Anonymous’ satirical style unironically for your V for Vendetta circlejerks. The only thing you’re going to accomplish is give graphic artists a steady stream of independent projects to work on. If you really want to change something, do some fucking research and start going to town council meetings.

  13. freedeanna says:

    Well if everyone says that, we won’t have a fucking clue.

  14. freedeanna says:

    Well spotted. What happens is what always happens after revolutions: the scum rises to the top again. Most of these morons believe everything will be lovely and peaceful and we’ll all agree on the way forward. The evil empire relinquished, nobody will want more than their fair share of anything. We won’t use the arms and infrastructure with which we overthrew our masters to amass power in the new political vacuum. I mean, that never happens. “The people collectively deciding together” is BS.

  15. MrKAYRYPEE says:

    I hope this is more than just talk. The mobilaztion part sound great. I would love to see a day when people are what’s first across the globe and not wealth or personal gain, monetary value, assets. All these things make people more greedy, more manipulative, evil. If u r real and not talk, I hope u know what u r facing when the time does come. if so I’m confident we could rally enough people, including myself, over time, patiently and wisely to effectively start a “movement”. I will be waiting.

  16. charles54l says:

    there are plenty of knowledgeable doctors, small businesses, politicians, economists, military men, and people who believe in our Constitution that DO know how to run a Republic properly. WE need to organize these people, and show them that the majority of of the public are behind them and support our mutual belief in freedom that too many of our ancestors died to protect. It is now our job to protect these ideas for future generations. The FIN is a way to bring about this change. Thanks to all

  17. Bruno Sibilla says:

    cocksucker censored me again, who is in charge of this cunt anyway, keep on doing that, you have been spotted you rotten piece of

  18. Bruno Sibilla says:

    talk the talk walk the walk i actively conduct operations to undermine corporate profiteering criminal cartels and so should you this is all artificial do not pay taxes do not buy from multinationals not work for anyone making moremoney out of you than you are, these cunts have got a program to make you look like a totally illiterate worm, doesn´t matter anyway just fight to the death or live with a cock up your arse and justify that to your wife kids and assorted family members.

  19. Geoff TenthDoctor says:

    you faggots are turning this into facebook fuck off

  20. Pablo Teles says:

    Translation please, i’m brazilian and i don’t speak english. I really want to watch the video.

  21. Boogiemaster5 says:

    The only possible way for this system to work is for everybody to have the same financial gain. As long as some have more then other they will have more power and others will want to take from them. Greed will not go away with a change of the guard, all it will do is find new possibilities. (Trust me, I would love for this to work.)

  22. Boogiemaster5 says:

    the fact of the matter is that the state of the world is so fragile that the right person with the right tools could easily manipulate any system be it political or religious. What I am tyin to say is that there has to be more then just an idea, there has to be a plan. and a plan that everyone sticks to. Eventually there has to be a leader. A system can not function without a leader. We would never get anything done if we are gonna wait for everyone to voice their opinion. (continue)

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