The Thank You Economy: How Business Must Adapt to Social Media

BehindtheBrand.tv Gary Vaynerchuk interview Part 1. Gary was so good in this interview I wanted to throw up on myself.
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  1. ianchristian23 says:

    i watched this when it had 22 views. call me an early adopter

  2. TechboyUK says:

    Very poorly directed – too much on-screen text.

  3. Xergiez says:

    He’s right. He’s not Nostradamus or Yoda.. He’s Yodadamus.

  4. behindthebrandTV says:

    @Jgargyi thanks

  5. Jgargyi says:

    Great interview and super event last month. Thank you Bryan. I too like pg. 42 in the book.

    Gary, I agree with you about creating relationship and lifetime value with our customers / clients.

  6. RCSuperPowers says:

    So right on, great interview guys.

  7. KalmanKohen says:

    Gesticulation is so 2010, Gary Vaynerchuk facial expressions are very 2011. Jokes aside, Gary’s a smart guy!

  8. runaldahiwade says:

    @behindthebrandTV cannot wait to catch the 2nd part

  9. crownofglory1 says:

    just read Crush It and about to start Thank You Economy. Thanks for doing this interview

  10. behindthebrandTV says:

    @BelieveVideo thanks!

  11. behindthebrandTV says:

    @runaldahiwade thanks!

  12. behindthebrandTV says:

    @elvisplusone too kind

  13. behindthebrandTV says:

    @JSPCREATIVE thanks, couldn’t have done it without you

  14. behindthebrandTV says:

    @BelieveVideo thanks, Gothic Moon Studios in SoCal (Orange County) is epic

  15. behindthebrandTV says:

    @runaldahiwade appreciate it

  16. behindthebrandTV says:

    @runaldahiwade thnx, part 2 coming this weekend

  17. behindthebrandTV says:

    @thesussexseo kind words

  18. behindthebrandTV says:

    @coachantony caring is where it’s at…

  19. behindthebrandTV says:

    @murtdoc Thanks!

  20. murtdoc says:

    great talk

  21. coachantony says:

    Amazing interview and confirmation (if needed) that caring is all important. Thanks!

  22. thesussexseo says:

    Super interview, great connection, Bryan you’re a great interviewer.
    Just please hurry up Gary and release the audiobook of The Thank you Economy!!

  23. BelieveVideo says:

    Awesome interview! Great Quality, Great Content, just excellent! Looking forward to more.

  24. runaldahiwade says:


  25. JSPCREATIVE says:

    Great looking interview with high production values. Best interview for Bryan to date.

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