The Story of Room 214, Your Social Media Agency

Room214.com – Room 214, a social media agency, was founded in 2004 – but the real story began with a teen-aged friendship that landed two people from sharing a dorm room their freshman year in college (guess the room number) to running an award-winning agency that’s growing success remains about helping people and companies to be seen and heard online.
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  1. Room214 says:

    @atlantarobin Thanks! Good to hear!

  2. Room214 says:

    @atlantarobin Thanks! Good to hear!

  3. atlantarobin says:

    Yes — studly! Loved your show and tell. I’ll be coming back to Room214 fer sher!

  4. TheAdventurous500 says:

    Yay video. Boo rams…sexy voices…who are these studly guys with so much wealth of knowledge. Video content is king and this is a perfect example of why – nobody reads anything longer than 3 paragraphs online and video doesn’t tell stories – it shows them. Well done Room214.

  5. jencasson says:

    Great story, and great story telling. Nice work on this video!

  6. Room214 says:

    @meshugineh Many thanks. We originally reached out to a group responsible for a great deal of the white board video projects you may have seen used with TED talks.

    We received an email auto-response that gave us the perception that a.) They were busy for several months and b.) Our project probably wasn’t cool enough to get their attention.

    So we scratched our own itch, learned it wasn’t as easy as finding a great illustrator and video camera – and now offer this as a service to our clients

  7. meshugineh says:

    Amazing job on this video! Stunning!

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