The Story Of Daegan Smith

The Story Of Daegan Smith

Article by Lee

You’re about to read a unique review on Daegan Smith. Now I know lots of people online might have heard about him and are wondering “Who is this guy & does he really has days when he generates over 2,000 leads?” Reality is for most folks, who haven’t yet generated 2 leads online, 2,000 might seem really out of the ball park. Well Daegan Smith’s story is quite inspiring and in case you’re wondering how he can generate that many leads in a single day, you’ll find how inside this short article.

The Story of Daegan Smith

I heard about him less than a year ago, and also heard about his story. He joined the home business industry to be financially free, just like many of you. He knew that doing work for another individual was NOT what he planned to do for the remainder of his life. He ventured into real estate but didn’t really like it much. He would later discover the love for online marketing.

Now there’s always going to be struggles before reaching the top, and for Daegan he had his share of struggles. He was trying to build his business the old fashioned way, which is how many people are taught still today: pitching your family and friends, buying cold leads only to get yelled at, posting flyers, the 3-foot rule, etc. Nothing worked. Matter fact, he even recalls having a cold lead yell at him with some pretty harsh stuff. He knew there had to be a more effetive way to promote his business.

So one day he attended a seminar and there were several speakers. The last speaker that day spoke about marketing on the internet, which really resonated with him. He goes on to state that he invested K to spend 1 day with this master online marketer and millionaire. Now at the time, Daegan Smith didn’t have k and thoughts began running through his head telling him “hey pal, you can’t do this”. But then almost by faith, he told himself “If I could put some of this on my credit cards and come up with the balance, I’ll pull this off”. He did. On that day, the millionaire basically opened up his entire online business to him, revealing to him EVERYTHING! Daegan Smith had a for online marketing success. Skip forward to today, he’s made MILLIONS of dollars on the internet himself, recruited thousands of distributors, and is called the “king of never calling leads”.

Now in case you’re pondering how Daegan Smith gets over 2K leads often on a single day, here’s how it works. He utlizes newsletter marketing, which is essentially paying someone else to send an offer to their subscriber’s list. He places a solo ad that gets sent to an email list of over 60,000 subscribers, he uses effective Ad Copy to persuasively advertise anything he’s promoting, and out of that list of 60,000+ people, very often it occurs that 1,500-2,000+ of them checks out what he has to offer and becomes leads. And that’s basically what Daegan Smith does to get those crazy lead days. The more money you have to invest, the bigger list you can place an advertisement on. Over the years, Daegan Smith has become an internet marketing expert and has even released his inner circle online training website called Maximum Leverage, where he virtually opens up his back-office and shares his secrets with the people who join his group.

Should You Pay Attention To Daegan Smith?

Well would you like to have better results in your internet marketing efforts? Would you like to generate 2,000+ leads in one day? Do you want to be a millionaire or at least generate a full 6-figure income on the internet? Then the best and FASTEST way to reach your goals is by finding someone who has the results you’re looking for and just do what they do. Daegan Smith has been in the online game since 2005 with 6 years of experience and RESULTS! You think he’d be someone worth listening to? I think so.

To conclude this article, I had the opportunity to actually meet Daegan Smith at a live event and he’s a really humble person, down to earth, and is ALWAYS willing to share his knowledge with others so they could become better marketers as well and have success in their business. He’s not one of those gurus who’ll just shake your hand and say “See ya”. He’ll actually talk to you and help you whenever possible and he’s given me some very good advice that has helped me in my business.

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