‘The Social Network’ Unscripted

The Social Network’ co-stars Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield certainly don’t lack for comedic chemistry despite how dramatic their latest movie is

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  1. stregadisalem says:

    I hate Justin Timberlake. He is indeed such a douchebag. He has to be the center of attention in every interview where its the three of them. He thinks he’s funny, he thinks that everyone would rather listen to him talk. He completely ruins this for me.

  2. Lortagreb says:

    “I listen to everything”. Is the most generic answer when asked about your music taste.

  3. caittyk says:

    Jesse EIsenberg reminds me of Michael Cera

  4. XxXBlackInkXxX says:

    @iiBelieveIt huh? the camera isn’t even focused on them during 3:31

  5. DaBomBGreenDay says:

    I love it that Andrew, in every interview hes in sits as if hes in his own lounge. <3

  6. beyafly15 says:

    Andrew doesn’t look to happy, when Jesse says his character feel in love with JT’s character

  7. iiBelieveIt says:


  8. 8caulfield says:

    jesse @ 1:24 well…


  9. elephantstreets says:

    i dunno but uhh justin is annoying.

  10. theblecode says:

    lol Garfield was completely raping that chair

  11. breana90210 says:

    i love jesse so freakin much

  12. TheVitorMusic says:

    @Digaas I also thought of that because i’m portuguese too, and yes is pretty cool that people know about an important part of the history of our country…

  13. galerandyaddict says:

    oh my god justin timberlake is so obviously a douchebag 😀 its even more shocking when they put him beside je and ag 😀

  14. follw says:

    i love how when jesse and justin start getting raunchy andrew has to interject and draw jesse’s attention away from him. hahaha 🙂

  15. TheNaughtyTouch says:

    Andrews like. ”the chairs are to far apart, need to reach Jesse >:0” Stretches*

  16. TheNaughtyTouch says:

    @phoenixfire27 Forever loling.

  17. Digaas says:

    I liked hearing Jesse mentioning Vasco da Gama. Because i’m portuguese it’s nice to see that not all americans are stupid obese celebrity obsessed people and some of them are actually interested in world history, especially the Age of Discovery. Nevertheless, great but small video.

  18. crystalcastles100 says:

    @xXRubella666Xx Geez, you really need to ease up on the name-calling. You’re hurting my feelings, you big meanie, you!

  19. xXRubella666Xx says:

    @crystalcastles100 I was aware, cow.

  20. crystalcastles100 says:

    @xXRubella666Xx … my second comment was riddled with sarcasm. I’m not sorry for anything.

  21. xXRubella666Xx says:

    @crystalcastles100 Don’t try the “sorry for having a different opinion” thing. Your first comment basically told everyone who had different sense of humour to you to shut up because you didn’t like it. If you’re really in favour of respecting diffierent opinions, then you should respect our opinion that these jokes are amusing and acceptable.

  22. crystalcastles100 says:

    @xXRubella666Xx Oh sorry, I apologise fort having a different opinion. I’m not a Scrooge! The gay jokes are extremely funny! …Har Har

  23. xXRubella666Xx says:

    @crystalcastles100 Because the majority do find the joke amusing. It’s a bit of fun, Scrooge.

  24. mrsgarfield531 says:

    any time justin talks, bambi’s all like: ok yeah justin…shut up so i can listent jesse.

  25. phoenixfire27 says:


    “money don’t buy you love.”

    “no, it certainly can’t” ~SAD FACE~


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