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  1. Naim674 says:

    Watching this on today at the midnight premier on fillmsi.co.cc. and i am going to Cry my eyes out but everyone has to remember. It might be over, But this movie will never die. It is really great.

  2. D7Sl says:

    @saam3244 uh no

  3. saam3244 says:

    Every time I watch this trailer again, I feel sad. It’s the final movie, no books or movies anymore. I have read all books several times and watched all the movies a lot of times. But still, this movie at sitemoovis.co.cc still lives with us.

  4. 788scorpion says:

    When it ended, i started to cry, and so did the almost whole theater, which was like 2000 people! Best experience ever! Must watch it again on fillmsi.co.cc <3 This is so awesome! Cant wait to watch it one more time!!!

  5. sabujacca1 says:

    Its because you could identify yourself to the heroes..It is because as child you had a dream to be a magician probably.As i did..And at my case at least,i felt that when watching it on fillmsi.co.cc,i was united with all of you,all the fans of the movie..Thats why i am trully sad coz it came to an end.

  6. saam3244 says:

    For once in my life something was released in Australia before the US. Saw it Wednesday on sitemoovis.co.cc, absolutely amazing. A great closure to my childhood *sniff*. I was going to watch this, BUT of course it came an add which showed almost the whole trailer that I was going to watch.

  7. 788scorpion says:

    The movie premiered yesterday in fillmsi.co.cc and IT WAS AWESOME!!! The best one of all! I’m going to miss watching this movie, I grew up watching it, and it has hit me real hard to know that since it is ending is just a few hours, so is my childhood.

  8. sabujacca1 says:

    Ive read the books and this film kicks ass!!!! great movie shown on filmsi.co.cc!!! it gave me goosebumps! just imagine it came to an and!!! after all these years !!! it is part of our lives!!! thank you director.

  9. saam3244 says:

    For once in my life something was released in Australia before the US. Saw it Wednesday on sitemoovie.co.cc, absolutely amazing. A great closure to my childhood *sniff*. I was going to watch this, BUT of course it came an add which showed almost the whole trailer that I was going to watch.

  10. 788scorpion says:

    I dont believe that after so many years this true epic movie comes to an end… I grew up with him… I finally saw the last part at filmsi.co.cc… The story came to an end..And it actually feels weird… I liked the movie very much.

  11. whatever9990 says:

    …why do all these Spam sites sound like places to watch Harry Potter? Geez if they are going to Spam AT THE VERY LEAST do it to the right movie.

  12. saam3244 says:

    God, I couldn’t help but cry half the film at sitemoovie.co.cc, I felt so emotional, and the goosebumps that I got…like everyone else said, end of my childhood. I cried so much, like in the end and every time somebody of the characters I cared about died, It kinda feeled like I was there, with them, and saw everything.

  13. 788scorpion says:

    Saw it last night in 3D. One of the worst experiences i’ve ever had at the movies. The film was AMAZING, but the 3D was honestly the worst i have ever seen and it detracted from the film. See the movie. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch it on filmsi.co.cc in 2D.

  14. dhariwal673 says:

    I can’t describe my feelings. At the end of the film my childhood has ended too..I cried the most of the film at filmsi.co.cc..And these were the tears that were expressed happiness and sadness.. but mostly they were tears of serenity.This series of books and movies I’ll remember for a lifetime,If I am lucky enough, one day I will have my own kids.

  15. khatrinerenta says:

    I will end by saying that I definitely recommend this film for everyone, especially filmsi.co.cc fans. The ending that many thought could easily be done wrongly has been done right. This truly is a fitting ending for the boy who lived.

  16. dhariwal673 says:

    Omg i watched it yesterday sooo amazing can’t believe it’s all over! I finished watching the movie on filmsi.co.cc and i cryed at the end. I saw this movie I cried and loved it. So great to watch. Every moment of it.

  17. Rabiakhan787 says:

    I can’t bealive I saw this on it’s opening week! I’m happy cause’ I saw it on filmsi.co.cc, and sad because no more new movies like this one to look forward to… I don’t know, maybe it was because she was kinda shy and wouldn’t let me take a move…

  18. Rabiakhan787 says:

    The movie is nowhere as great and epic as the book writtern by this director… I read the book…it’s a timeless classic on filmsi.co.cc… The movie gave more life to the final battle. This is the first movie I think excelled beyond the book.

  19. MrSangin says:

    I saw the movie this nite, and i thought it was great. The best one of em all, but i would say you dont have to watch this in 3D. The 3D effects wasnt very great and you could watch the movie without em on sitemoovie.co.cc. I would if i could review it a first time.

  20. FlySociety06 says:

    This movie just made me feel dumb

  21. shilpa82494 says:

    spammers, spammers everywhere…

  22. Rabiakhan787 says:

    The person who’s still didn’t watch this, u must see it NOW on filmsi.co.cc, in this final part, u can see everything from the past and from the unexplained stuff that happen has the answer here in this final adventure, im really satisfied ;D

  23. MrSangin says:

    Its sad but exciting to see it all end. and now….i want all the movies re-made. starting at goblet of fire, they should all be split in two films. it wont happen soon, but eventually it would be nice. See movie on sitemoovie.co.cc by the way.

  24. Rabiakhan787 says:

    Ten years is up…we certainly can not and will not rely on twilight. lets hope director gets to something new! I just watched it on filmsi.co.cc and i cry so much!! I can’t believe it is over!

  25. MrSangin says:

    The best movie ever. Better then I expected. I totally agree with you. When I watched it on sitemoovie.co.cc I was sad because its the last movie but I will always love the talent and awesomeness in these books and movies..

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