“The Social Network” Trailer

Starring Zach Galifianakis
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    This Is crazy!

  3. TotallyFunnyUsername says:

    PRESS 9! xD

  4. R1ProductionHouse says:

    Press 7 & 8 …… lmfao….

  5. cespedeh says:

    Thumbs up if you want BTF back!

  6. moontechiswie1989 says:

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  11. davidbatterson says:

    @demiser21 It was a joke! It was a joke! it was a joke! it was a joke!

  12. demiser21 says:

    @inforockstar Yeah I have to agree with @PelagicPictures your statement of 7 billion people is just stupid

  13. inforockstar says:

    @PelagicPictures I’m still not impressed. Your free to go!

  14. PelagicPictures says:

    @inforockstar First, no I’m not the writer. I’m sure EVERYONE ELSE who saw your comment was just as baffled at the stupidity that went into it as I was.
    Second, if you could actually read, you would see that I wasn’t defending Facebook, I was defending a great MOVIE, which just so happened to have been based on the founding of Facebook!
    And lastly, did the guy who seems scared of a topic he doesn’t like just tell me to go outside and explore?
    You sir, are an idiot.
    Go to school.

  15. inforockstar says:

    @PelagicPictures Wow! You must be the writer. Cause you sure hate my review. Take it easy and go outside once in a while! There’s an entire world out there! Away from Facebook! Groupie!

  16. PelagicPictures says:

    @inforockstar And every single one of those 7 billion people must be fictional! Because there aren’t even 7 billion people in the world, you idiot! Nobody cares if these 7 billion people in your head don’t want to see The Social Network. It’s a fantastic movie that a moron like you obviously wouldn’t be able to comprehend anyway.

  17. inforockstar says:

    7 billion people still haven’t seen the movie “The Social Network” and 7 billion people don’t care if they ever see it!

  18. Radney12 says:

    woah woah woah, radiohead interpretation? why is this the first time im hearing this

  19. slovimplasha1970 says:

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  20. techMatlock says:

    I’ll give up Facebook for more Between Two Ferns shows

  21. ekinsfamily says:

    Mark that under who gives a shit… LOL

  22. cespedeh says:

    ZACH please bring back BTF!!!

  23. andremota17 says:

    v for vagina is the best line of all time

  24. 3axim says:

    This is missing only one thing – the poignant moment when Bradley Cooper said ‘Water your f***ing ferns….’

  25. xxW47xx says:

    @pristineex its creep radiohead cover by scala

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