The Social Network – The Facebook Movie | trailer US Creep by Radiohead – Scala – Golden Globes

Congratulations, winner for best drama at the Golden Globes 2011 OFFICIAL Trailer for “The Social Network” (the word Facebook is neither in the title nor the logo anywhere in the trailer) Genre: drama Regie / directed by: David Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button , Panic Room , Fight Club ) Darsteller / cast: Jesse Eisenberg , Justin Timberlake , Andrew Garfield (the new Spider-Man) , Joseph Mazzello, Rashida Jones Kinostart Deutschland: 7. Oktober 2010 Kinostart USA: October 1st, 2010 offizielle Filmsite: Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Sony Pictures used with authorization
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ymbaslegut1976 says:

    OMG! You Want To See this M0VIE IN HD now here at M0viee.got.to Go and see what they got!

  2. N7Crazy says:

    Radiohead are geniuses, and I consider this one of the few covers that really deserves credit. Even though they all miss the aura of self-loathing that came out of Radiohead, this one wraps up the fragile melody in the song.

  3. N7Crazy says:

    @RicoWorried1 It´s the scolanscy (if I have spelled correctly) brothers choir. A entire womens choir conducted by (suprise) the scolanscy-brothers. The song here is a cover of Radioheads Creep. They do covers all the time, just like Teen spirit and whatever they consider worth having a choir-cover on…

  4. St1be says:

    Jesse looks like Oliver Pocher!

  5. MovieManiacsDE says:

    @Pepsi2543 Creep by Radiohead – performed by Scala

  6. R4z0rEdg3 says:

    Damn , ihate facebook but this movie is soo good

  7. TheMusicstarlight says:

    @devika2201 vega choir? no it’s scala and kolacny brothers

  8. Pepsi2543 says:

    What’s the name of the song they use in this trailer?
    Someone please answer this I’ve been looking everywhere for the song.

  9. RicoWorried1 says:

    @Siarczynka not the best best film ever….the best movie in the frikin universe and beyond

  10. RicoWorried1 says:

    @blueb0g I didn’t know people waited their time looking at the top comments or the title like you.

  11. blueb0g says:

    @RicoWorried1 Fucking hell, don’t bother looking at the title, info, or top rated comments or anything…

  12. 6667Di says:

    i’m not a joke, i am a Spiderman!

  13. RicoWorried1 says:

    What’s the song

  14. NeoNerowinger says:

    just noticed, that fucking is kept in the german trailer :D

  15. NeoNerowinger says:

    wtf, they replaced fucking with very at 0:48

  16. TxTHOMPSONx10 says:

    creep- Scala & kolancy brothers

  17. tonyjoe278 says:

    hahaha thumbs up if you have facebook open on another window

  18. philuhhh says:

    The face at 2:00 made me watch the film oO

  19. beckyoblivious says:


  20. TheOzzyMania says:

    thumbs uf if u dont have a facebook !!

  21. verysocialsite says:

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    Video on how its done;
    search youtube for; verysocialsite
    video; New Facebook And Twitter Social Network

    enjoy the new True Meaning To Social Network

  22. SektionFreibier says:

    By 1:50 there was played a good song in the film but i don`t know the name of them, can anyone say me that pls ???

  23. yukihirot94 says:

    good music :)

  24. DoPMN says:

    It’s not Vega Choir, but Scala from Belgium. You can check if you want. Reports have identified several contenders. A rep for Columbia Pictures confirms that the correct answer is Scala and Kolacny Brothers, an otherwise little-known Belgian women’s choir headed by conductor Stijn Kolacny and pianist Steven Kolacny.

  25. venompool4 says:

    1:28 honestly i just came here for the booty

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