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  1. MegaDoom89 says:

    R.I.P tom anderson

  2. piplup2009 says:

    all I can hear is blu when I here jesse eisenberg

  3. piplup2009 says:

    lol im suing this guy!

  4. VengadorDorado91 says:


  5. woahzombies says:

    wow! the hot twins were the same person? well that kills my fantasies of a hot twin threesome.

  6. alexander3062 says:

    this movie taught me that the inventor of facebook is an idea stealing insensitive selfish dick! i still like facebook though,lol.

  7. TheSimmonsFilmCo says:

    26 people still use friendster

  8. redlightmax says:

    @daydaviddunn I would argue that the only reason people drink Coca Cola as opposed to any of the other manufactured drinks out there is because of its advertising.

  9. Jman92854 says:

    @MrBeacham829 Whoa, don’t take what I said out of context. And I loved Transformers 3, it was amazing. I meant that Hollywood (less confusing) ran out of ideas for movies, so they accepted any old idea. I don’t mean if you like this, you have bad taste, if you like this, that’s fine. Like you said, it’s all opinion, so you think they didn’t run out of ideas I think they did, but while it was a stupid idea (my opinion, not bashing you liking it) it was made very well.

  10. Jman92854 says:

    @MrBeacham829 As a matter of fact I have. I know what you’re saying, but I didn’t like this movie all THAT much, but I mean, really? The creation of Facebook in movie form? And I mean, it’s okay, there were parts I liked and didn’t like, but oy we ran out of ideas.

  11. Jman92854 says:

    @MrBeacham829 Really? Wow, so we ran out of ideas, AND we have bad taste in movies. Ugh… this is part of where I lose faith in humanity. Not all people mind you, just… a good….two handfuls.

  12. Jman92854 says:

    Really? They made a movie, about the creation of Facebook? Jesus Christ, we really ran out of ideas at the time, huh?

  13. gamersixteen says:

    i dont use facebook

  14. Josephalfaro96 says:

    wtf!? 5:43 he pulls the host’s head right out of his ass!

  15. Griffindorkiwi says:

    @officerbawden17 frankly, your opinion doesnt matter. But anyway LOOOOL at the smokers’ voice statement, oh and Batman has to sound different because of the fact that people may recognize Bruce Wayne’s voice and i dont know why it’s so raspy but i guess it’s a lower, scarier sound…i dont know.

  16. officerbawden17 says:

    @Griffindorkiwi Presonally no i do not like Christopher Nolans over hype movies that are nothing more then empty plot lines with terrible acting for f**k sake the Dark Knight felt like one of those crappy SyFy channel movies with well know actors the villain was just a lunatic with no sense of evil but just to murder people and why does Batman sound like he has a smokers voice and why is the Bat mobile a tank it was a car and Inception was just boring i do not care how much people loved it.

  17. Griffindorkiwi says:

    @officerbawden17 lol you serious? a better plot than inception and the Dark Knight? do you have a hate for Christopher Nolan or something? or do you just not get inception or mindfucking movies? if not inception isnt that complex , try google 🙂 Btw i actually thought Sin City was alright:P

  18. officerbawden17 says:

    @Griffindorkiwi Sorry to disappoint you but no i do not like any of the Transformer movies i just prefer movies with a damn plot over some movie that talks about a bunch of douche bags who get rich or mind f**k people and oh and the mindless action movie i like is Sin City a movie based on a bunch of great graphic novels that took time to make believe me Inception was the worst movie i have seen since the Dark Knight.

  19. Griffindorkiwi says:

    @officerbawden17 you’re obviously into some action, transformers shit.

  20. Griffindorkiwi says:

    @soccerprog226 What about inception? I personally think it was the best movie of 2010!

  21. KelanDWood says:

    the movie is well-acted,well written and as well directed as it needs to be but is it amazing? NO. It’s interesting to see the backstory of facebook but in the end of the day nothing special

  22. officerbawden17 says:

    All i got to say about this movie is i fell asleep quicker then i did when i saw Inception which also bored the s**t out of me.

  23. conrod15reveiw says:

    sum old bullshit

  24. AaronClarity says:

    Josh Pence played the other twin, Tyler, and Armie Hammer played the other one, Cameron. Josh Pence’s face is never seen in the movie, since the characters are supposed to be twins, Armie Hammer’s face was digitally put onto Josh’s face. So it looks like it’s the same actor, when it really was two, just with the same face on both of them. Josh Pence has a small cameo appearance in the film though.

  25. oiramldx says:

    @Coolak64 Moot himself says the rules are bullshit

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