The Social Network Review: Rotten Tomatoes

Check out the 2011 Golden Globe winner for Best Motion Picture-Drama, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Original Score! Brett Erlich and Ellen Fox review “The Social Network.” It dominated the box office opening weekend, and some critics have already dubbed the David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin joint venture a major Oscar contender. How does the film based on the rise of Mark Zuckerberg’s billion-dollar Internet giant really stack up? Jackass 3-D Review: www.youtube.com Hereafter Review: www.youtube.com Let Me In Review: www.youtube.com Rotten Tomatoes Reviews Playlist: www.youtube.com Watch more at current.com Rotten Tomatoes is a recurring infoMania segment dedicated to the movies.infoMania is a half-hour satirical news show that airs Thursdays at 11/10c on Current TV. The show puts a comedic spin on the 24-hour chaos and information overload brought about by the constant bombardment of the media.

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  1. catpackproductions says:

    Screw this review, this movie wasn’t “too” dramatic!

  2. reaperpunk94 says:

    @forevaneva97 some times movies based on website cloud be nit-picky like video games and something like that. but if you research the whole Facebook thing you shooed know it in the 1st please. its a relay great movie but its not Oscar wining material thew so yeah

  3. forevaneva97 says:

    the movie was amazinng and i would recommend it for sure

  4. jumptoit3 says:

    @YourOpinionIsGarbage What a lovely username. I see that you go around trolling at people who don’t have the same opinion as you. Lovely.

  5. YourOpinionIsGarbage says:

    @jumptoit3 you obviously know nothing about anything.

  6. YourOpinionIsGarbage says:

    @7berriesandcream good for you. Now go watch Transformers 6 1/2: Revenge of The Last Machine

  7. YourOpinionIsGarbage says:

    The female “reviewer” needs to go review some dicks. As in penises. She’d be much better at it.

  8. 7berriesandcream says:

    I don’t know what everybody is talking about. This movie was truely terrible and I don’t recommend it to anybody. I literally had to force myself to watch the whole thing.

  9. tastethewake says:

    @SkyBreeze11417 female

  10. SkyBreeze11417 says:

    @radiolocke are you criticizing her for being a female, or criticizing her for her irrelevance?

  11. JustinSuhr4 says:

    @Siladh1el she’s still pretty =D

  12. guitarpro925 says:

    they made it seem like an okay movie when it got 97% this movie was fucking fantastic

  13. serbin16m says:

    terrible review good movie though andrew garfield was for sure the sleeper hit in the movie

  14. TheAwesomeBomb says:

    the worst review ever

  15. jumptoit3 says:

    I thought that this movie was kind of overrated. Don’t get me wrong, the acting was great, but I just don’t think that this was something that should have been made in to a movie. There really didn’t seem to be a plot/conflict. At the start of the movie, they’re in a lawsuit. At the end of the movie, they’re still in the lawsuit. The conflict never seemed to build up; it just kind of sat there and simmered.

  16. CuriousGeorgeMonkey9 says:

    “Ebert Presents At the Movies” > “The Rotten Tomatoes Show”

    Oh, and use REAL film critics!

  17. urusersucks says:

    Rotten Tomatoes go die justin timberlake was a boss in this movie

  18. rakistah091 says:

    @clemenza1234 you douche…you probably dont have a facebook…you must have a myspace

  19. softbreeze941 says:

    i DON’T listen to Timberlake but i think he did a awesome job

  20. Mr11MUSICMAN says:

    Rotten Tomatoes is retarded.

  21. clemenza1234 says:

    this was a breakthrough role for justin timberlake……you guys suck as reviewers.

  22. 91lilfrozone23 says:

    97%? wow… this deserves less.

    it was interesting but nothing that should be worthy to be an oscar-nominated-movie

  23. austinlopez1941 says:

    i love this movie

  24. JasonSwenson says:

    Anyone who is consciously capable of understanding the true art in film can appreciate, The Social Network. The literary, theatric, and cinematic elements are intelligently worked out and while watching the film, people can realize the attention to detail in every scene. Not to mention, the films revolutionary use of contemporary music to add more depth to the film. Everything is well presented, and intelligent, observational people would be able to realize that.

  25. residentevilpro75 says:

    they always undermine great films

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