The Social Network – Movie Review

Find more info about the film here: www.imdb.com The Social Network hit theaters on October 1st, 2010! Tumblr | www.prettymuchit.com Twitter | http Facebook | www.facebook.com

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  1. aliasgirl47 says:

    Timberlake’s also a voice actor, Shrek the third

  2. fluff975 says:

    such an incredible film. One of my favorites of all time.

  3. The8ofClubz says:

    OK I saw it a couple days ago and Eric, you could be Andrew Garfield’s twin brother! You two look ridiculously alike. If anyone were to picture you getting super pissed off, they could just watch Eduardo flip shit on Mark when he found out how much his company ownership share was diluted down to. I could completely see you doing that scene.

  4. verdanteyesighttv says:


  5. brandymoseley says:

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  6. TheDollkey says:

    I watched this movie so many times! I love it! Best movie of 2010 for me, hands down. And the same twin quote is my fave line in the movie. Just loved it so much.

  7. fluff975 says:

    @poojazephyr by the way, Josh Pence was not the other twin. He was going to be but it turned out that Fincher wanted the twins to look identical. So yeah

  8. fluff975 says:

    I thought this movie was the best fim of 2010 and well deserved best picture and it was one of my favorite films EVER. Brilliantly written, acted, directed.

  9. HyperSugarKid says:

    The music was PERFECT it was intense the whole way with music

  10. fultonmatthewfultonm says:


  11. garymonay says:

    movie just tells me before giving out idea make your own before bill gates and mark zuckerberg take it and add on to it.

  12. garymonay says:

    the movie was ok i dont think it was best piece of business film I say Boiler Room and Wall Street at top of my list. why i kept watching intresting story alot of what they explained in the movie about facebook seemed rushed.

  13. xr3verendx says:

    i loved the movie i feel like it was our “citizen kane”.

  14. Chayden90 says:

    the “recognition from the board” bit was great.

  15. toeknee2012 says:

    it was DOOOPE.

  16. xxmusiccloverr3xx says:

    i just saw the movie and i absolutely looooooooved it, and i know what line you’re talking about when you said recognition from the board! hahahah

  17. hippiebanana130 says:

    LOL My dads watching the movie right now, so when I heard that The Winklevoss Twins were the same actor I told him, then the part where he says “and theres two of me.” in the movie came up and my dad said it, and the you said it in the vid! XD

  18. xokatielaughsxo says:

    i really didnt like this movie i dont get y everyone thought it was so amazing ==////

  19. thecharliemorsee says:


  20. EHsoccer12 says:

    ohhhh now the high five makes sense.

  21. hbk15111 says:

    i LOVED The Social Network. right when i finished watching it on dvd i watched it again

  22. WarningEly says:

    awesome movie!! i totally loved it!!

  23. davidrcastro37 says:

    @rcoketfire44 He deserves a nomination for best supporting actor, but I think Christian Bale deserves the Oscar

  24. rcoketfire44 says:

    @davidrcastro37 same here i know write eduardo was bomb i felt so sad for him he was my favorite character he did amazing

  25. rcoketfire44 says:

    @datejanoheat he was not the best….he was best times 100x in the movie every word that came out of his mouth was phenomenal he had emotion and it made me feel for him:(

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