The Social Network – Luke Christopher (Twitter.com/LukeChrisMuzic)

Luke Christopher – 18 Year Old MC/Songwriter/Producer/Singer www.lukechristophermusic.com http Directed by Kenneth Cabanilla www.18mmproductions.com http

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  1. lukethehic says:

    @SleepingGiants1 i never said it had to be, im saying he changes tempo and mood suddenly midsong and its very irritating.

  2. SleepingGiants1 says:

    @lukethehic Not all sampling has to be just chopped up samples and tweaked like crazy

  3. lukethehic says:

    your use of sampling sucks. get better at it.

  4. morevidzz says:

    holy shit, this kid went to a high school right next to mine. i had no idea he was getting this big

  5. 0yy944 says:


  6. imacraz says:

    dog u need more music shts to nice

  7. crazyrj14 says:

    ” You want more of something you should think about it less”

    Wise words

  8. B3AN40 says:

    “if you want more of something you should think about it less” so true

  9. YaBoiShak says:

    Yo guys imma 16 year old rapper from´╗┐ london, PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES OF YOUR TIME and check out a couple of tuunnez i did on my youtube channel. This would really help, as im tryna get started and get my music and message out (y)

  10. thistasteslike says:

    Now this the type of stuff i like to listen to DOPE!

  11. coolkavi2 says:

    @zpinkieisback Technically it’s from the Social Network film soundtrack that covered Radiohead’s Creep, I’m a radiohead junkie!

    This is so sick though!

  12. zpinkieisback says:

    i already liked this song when it started, but then i loved it once i heard the “creep” by radiohead bit

  13. JesseThaJerk712 says:

    I like how he’s wearing sun glasses at night, But not wearing them when the sun is actually out. Haha

  14. kayluh1996 says:

    I wanna fucking marry this kid. On some real shit(; haha.

  15. WASTEOFDAY says:


  16. Abl1indboy says:

    Weird how it only shows my views? 91,329.

  17. rrsproductteam says:

    creep back track

  18. TheCvilleUnderground says:

    10 kids need to fucking learn what good music is.this is beautiful

  19. MultiSaints25 says:

    no doubt this guy has a big music future in front of him..i like how his songs have meanings.

  20. jahluvsu says:

    that’s not the point of the video, listen to the damn song fool

  21. mediina1 says:

    why does this fool act he doesnt do any social networking…

  22. 17neil says:

    what team/brand or whatever is the snapback at 0:30?
    i really like the colour

  23. banditwithchucks says:

    this kid, man, i swear.

  24. BunchOfViews says:

    bout time someone sampled this

  25. coolkavi says:

    @shanagurl112 Building Skies I think, he post poned and it should be out within this year!

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