THE SOCIAL NETWORK – Justin Timberlake plays Napster founder Sean Parker – Interview

Justin Timberlake interview for the Facebook movie – By Paul Byrne for www.Movies.ie Justin is currently starring in The Social Network. Coming up he is playing Boo Boo in YOGI BEAR, he’ll also appear in The Wrath of Job, bad teacher & friends with benefits. Other movies include Bad snake moan, Alpha Dog and Shrek
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. tysonuk says:

    @h44512 Totally agree about the ending

  2. salolo100 says:

    THE greatest Artist of all time

  3. mitchqqqqqq says:

    JT’s got style

  4. gurrflapoo says:

    He couldnt answer the first question because he was fiddling with his glasses while yer man was talking -.-

  5. blixensd says:

    @teedonster It is very stylelish to wear cloth like that.. Try travel to denmark and you see a big amount of people is wearing cloth like that. It is very normal. And it is very cool if you ask me

  6. tarantula152 says:

    I like how he said it has no hero, and it’s true. There is no hero. I guess if you were to label anybody the good guy in this whole thing then that would be Eduardo. But still, this movie is so amazing because there is no bad guy.

  7. psychwarlord says:

    @gianniscor Black one’s.

  8. energeez says:

    TRANSLATED : justin brings the chicks into a movie about a nerd billionaire. 😀

  9. cornbeefhash123 says:

    I know, great movie, the it ended wth him ust refreshing his facebook.

  10. licesantos13e14 says:

    justin timberlake is god

  11. Lagos08 says:

    @teedonster Hahaha

  12. TheStreamer23 says:

    lol i think in this interview there was something wrong with justin!

  13. gariouscom says:

    … Unique eye glasses!

  14. gariouscom says:

    LOL… Unique eye glasses!

  15. Funstuff13613 says:

    You guys need to watch more “Lie to Me” and get a good grounding in body language. Justin isn’t unintelligent or afraid like the analogy “a deer in headlights”. He isn’t a fan of the interviewer, he’s trying to find a way to give an entertaining answer to a poorly constructed question and come across as charming when the interviewer insults his work ethic.

  16. Themexicanguanorat says:

    Those are his serious artist interview glasses.

  17. LuPESmyNIGGA says:

    @teedonster ahaha I lol’ed at that

  18. Derbycounty101 says:

    Ive seen two films with him now and surprisingly he been great in both, never thought he’d be a decent actor

  19. AliJDB says:

    Props to Justin for even doing the media parade for the movie, it’s not like he has to.

  20. HIM4l1fe says:

    Well the “ending” of this story Is simply explaining the paths each character chose to go down and where they are now. We should all take into account that not many of the events in the film happened in real life. Zuckerburg never wanted girls or came up with the idea for girls, if you watch interviews with Mark about the film he says it’s not very accurate.

  21. cutiepiesensei says:

    gah i LOVE justin 🙂

  22. BlackMysticFire says:

    @teedonster Hey!…he’s still sexy either way, like hello he brought sexy back at 2006! 😛

  23. 09tranm says:

    I like how Justin is playing the creator of Napster who stole some of his music as well. Well JT is probably cool with it.

  24. Bajacaliwave says:

    @teedonster He is actually dress very well, if you know anything about clothing (not fashion). It’s better to wear what you like, and not dress like everybody around you does. IMO.

  25. missilesx3gt says:

    @teedonster haha he’s just a classy guy.

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