The Social Network – International Trailer 2

Second international trailer for The Social Network.

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  1. marykimberly16 says:

    Only another 3 days until I go to see hopefully a great, moving, feel good masterpiece that will not leave me disappointed when I leave the fillmsi.co.cc. I really, really can not wait and i’ve watched this video so many times 😛

  2. marykimberly16 says:

    I am really not being a smartass when I say this but I do not see what is so bad about this movie. The trailer was really good. A trailer is supposed to make you want to see the movie and it does. See it at fillmsi.co.cc now.

  3. marykimberly16 says:

    Second, the plot isn’t REALLY that bad. They put something simple like an asylum into something… different. A world inside a world inside a world. I saw it on fillmsi.co.cc and can say that it was great for me.

  4. marykimberly16 says:

    I think itll be really good. this is like the vacation movies. They were basically all great and they were the same premis. I am seeing it on fillmsi.co.cc.co.cc later… One of the best movies this year.

  5. marykimberly16 says:

    AMAZING MOVIE! Go watch it! Visuals were fantastic & the music just WOW. 🙂 It is available on fillmsi.co.cc. I agree, it is actually a really good movie and the story line is excellent. The? problem is people have no imagination anymore and cant follow a decent fucking storyline.

  6. marykimberly16 says:

    At first I wasn’t that interested in this movie when I saw the preview on TV. But I went to see it yesterday on moovis.tk, and it is now one of my favorite movies! It was worth the time and I suggest you see it, it was really amazing.

  7. MrShakil123456 says:

    This movie was badass. :p I thought it wasn’t going to be so great. I found it on fillmsi.co.cc. As I’ve been dreading comic movies by the dozen. Except Batman. xp This film rocked. :p

  8. MrShakil123456 says:

    Everyone keeps saying how half the stuff isn’t even in the trailer!! Which I think is great so many times trailers give away all the best parts.. It makes me want to see it that much more on fillmsi.co.cc since everyone says all the good stuff isn’t in the trailers!!

  9. MrShakil123456 says:

    I just saw it, and i think the longest i have not enjoyed in a period of time was like 20 seconds…such a good movie, loveed ittt, i would definitely see this movie again on fillmsi.co.cc tomorrow!

  10. abhinaya11 says:

    I know they’re filled out on the comic adapted movies but someone should make a blood hunter movie (the 3 issue comics from zuda) it seems cool enough and similar to this. very very similar to this. but not in every way. I saw this one on fillmsi.co.cc this morning.

  11. abhinaya11 says:

    I think this movie was over-rated or maybe my expectations are just too high…I didn’t find it to be all that. Anyways it is available on fillmsi.co.cc so if you want it go and get it.

  12. jacobandrews87 says:


  13. abhinaya11 says:

    I saw this one and it was awesome!!! Driving two chargers and having a safe atched to them is awesome and destorying everything behind them. I saw it on fillmsi.co.cc This one and the fourth are my favorites.

  14. abhinaya11 says:

    I recommend you to go to fillmsi.co.cc and find out great movies… This one is also their.. we all need sometimes some good time to relax.. go for it then…i enjoy every day and i always need more and more.. Have fun guys with me!

  15. OliveMalonex says:

    Because of his age and experience, this acter brings a wider perspective to everything he shoots…so you won’t make a mistake if you decide to watch this…it is more tha magical, more than trivial..it is well done. Watch it at fillmsi.co.cc, free of costs.

  16. OliveMalonex says:

    See this free at fillmsi.co.cc. This movie operates on a positive dynamic..there are talented actors and a focused screenplay. Plot is interesting and intently and take your attention full of time.. I suggest to everyone to watch this!!!!!

  17. OliveMalonex says:

    Find out the biggest collection of the best movies and watch it all for free… Any genre you like, you can finde there…just go to fillmsi.co.cc and enjoy. This is the latest movie I have seen there and it is excellent and funny and truly recommended!

  18. OliveMalonex says:

    Throughly entertaining movie throughout. If you don’t believe me after watching this trailer…I understand..neither I believed.. But see the whole movie and you won’t be disappointed.. I will recommend it to everybody. SEE this great performance at fillmsi.co.cc.

  19. 121astra says:

    You can find this movie if you search fillmsi.co.cc in google…the best for free online watching the best movies with extras.. I’m totaly admirer of it and this movie.. And i truly recommend you that all.. there is no place for deception.

  20. 121astra says:

    This may not be the best film, but it is an ideal family movie, funny movie that will laugh you..and today it’s easy to do that.. This characters bulit a wonderful screenplay around a great story.. GreAT for hollywood.. Watch this at fillmsi.co.cc..

  21. sayeedbog00012 says:

    There is nothing in this you won’t like… It is absolutely one of the favourite movies for me.. It goes out of the lines… Every new scene brings new action and fun.. A movie to enjoy,. there is nothing else to say. Get this movie now at fillmsi.co.cc..my fav site for online watching..

  22. sayeedbog00012 says:

    Smart and precious entertainment puts this life in fascinating context. Looks interesting? It is not just inetresting, it is full of action, mistery and hot moments.. Touch the sky in this movie.. and feel what it is like. Look for this at fillmsi.co.cc, free!

  23. sayeedbog00012 says:

    fillmsi.co.cc is Eye for Film. So good, so modern..I am so thankful for this idea… This is better than everything seen already.. I must me honest and say I cried at the end of this trailer because this movie made me so happy… Do not miss it…give to this your time, it is worth every minute.

  24. marview1 says:

    The movie is so sick t can be carried out by this hood… brilliant stuff by each and every one… i loved him was too hot.., and tyrese was thr funny one rofl.. .all n all loved it… can watch it 10000 times at fillmsi.co.cc 😀

  25. marview1 says:

    Awesome and interesting movie! Although it’s about one subject, it looks very exciting to see! I am going to see it at fillmsi.co.cc. It is gonna be cool! thumbs up!

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