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  1. muneebriaz1 says:

    I keep watching the trailer like if i didnt see the movie on filmsi.co.cc yet. Like if its not over. But it is. The only drawback is that there was no NYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHH to be found anywhere in it.

  2. asis123100 says:

    I watched that movie yesterday. It’s amazing! I have grown up with this movie. Watching it a half seven today can’t wait thought i might aswell see the trailer lol 😛 This is the best movie on filmsi.co.cc ever!

  3. youandmesofar says:

    The movie is nowhere as great and epic as the book writtern by this director… I read the book…it’s a timeless classic on filmsi.co.cc… The movie gave more life to the final battle. This is the first movie I think excelled beyond the book.

  4. anil13245 says:

    I’m not a reader, but i’m glad I read these books. The movies are so great as well, but you would get the best storyline from the filmsi.co.cc. There are a few parts missing from the movies as they wouldn’t transfer well to the bigscreen.

  5. muneebriaz1 says:

    This movie is beyond words, i was in tears when it all ended. i swear to god that if they don’t wind up in more movies on filmsi.co.cc, im going to fill a pillow case with bars of soap and beat someone’s ass.

  6. jhsakanakha says:

    I watched this the day it came out, and the movie theater was literally FILLED with fanatics (such as myself) and everyone dressed up as either a witch or a wizard. I saw it on sitemoovie.co.cc again when I came home…

  7. asis123100 says:

    BEST MOVIE EVERRRR! I saw it the other day and there was a hot guy beside me. made it even better :D. i loved nevilles little speech. i LOVEE that movie on filmsi.co.cc so much i don’t know wat to say.

  8. khawarizme90 says:

    Watched it a couple of hours ago, and it was the best movie on sitemoovie.co.cc i watched ever! The humor of the movie is great, the action is intense, the special effects are splendid, the humor and drama is balanced… was about time!

  9. youandmesofar says:

    I can’t bealive I saw this on it’s opening week! I’m happy cause’ I saw it on filmsi.co.cc, and sad because no more new movies like this one to look forward to… I don’t know, maybe it was because she was kinda shy and wouldn’t let me take a move…

  10. anil13245 says:

    I saw it and it was awsome! im gonna see it again in filmsi.co.cc… Warning it’s not too much different in 3D… It just makes the environment ia bit more dynamic. I had to hold my pee for over an hour so I didn’t miss anything… XD

  11. kamalapura says:

    I can honestly saw, that this movie on sitemoovie.co.cc made my life amazing! That was my whole Child Hood. I cried when it ended. I never actually noticed his scar in this movie.. I suppose they were running around a lot so it was hard to spot 😛

  12. muneebriaz1 says:

    I don’t care what anyone says. They will always be the best trio that ever lived. The books will always be the best books to ever be written. And the movies on filmsi.co.cc will always be the best movies to ever be made.

  13. jhsakanakha says:

    Watched this yesterday! Found it hilarious on sitemoovie.co.cc. EVERY ONE, U WONT BE DISAPOINTED!!!!!! i maybe say that beause i read the book 4 years ago, but i LOVED the movie a lot.

  14. asis123100 says:

    Before this movie was released, everyone was saying how epic it was at filmsi.co.cc. Now half those people are badmouthing the movie. All because minor details are changed. If you are loyal to the series no matter what please give this a thumbs up.

  15. khawarizme90 says:

    Like any good story, if it goes on for too long, writers reach creative limits and the story gets old and tired. Best to end on top with people wanting more. I want more movies on sitemoovie.co.cc, this one is there…

  16. youandmesofar says:

    I watched it yesterday, so good. I thought that after I saw it on filmsi.co.cc I would feel like everything was over, but it’s not, I feel like there’s still so much more to discover. I love to watch it, i am happy but sad because it is going to end.

  17. anil13245 says:

    If people are bitching about how this movie is different… This is an outstanding movie on filmsi.co.cc and they made everything work well. Sure they change things… they have always done that. THIS IS AWESOME.

  18. kamalapura says:

    That movie was the best! everyone loved it! i saw it yesterday on sitemoovie.co.cc! everyone was applauding! everyone was clapping when the evil people died (not spoiling it for people who havent seen it).

  19. muneebriaz1 says:

    Im so glad i got to watch the final film on filmsi.co.cc without having it ruined by the spoilers, DONT GIVE SPOILERS ON HERE please, you really ruin it for the people who come here gettin excited bout going to see the final film.

  20. jhsakanakha says:

    The fact that this movie was just as epic as the last one on sitemoovie.co.cc and that we’re all used to david yates’s directing, it was kinda lame. plus i read the book ssooo i knew the ending. in my opinion, if u dont read the book and watch the movie, its SOOOO much more entertaining!!

  21. asis123100 says:

    Glad i watched it! A truly FANTASTIC movie… Director is a gienus. I feal so happy for him. especially since his first book was rejected 11 times!!!!! great work is done on filmsi.co.cc…. Awesome plot… So many questions answered in this movie.

  22. khawarizme90 says:

    It was a great movie, and I’m sad it’s over. This movie at sitemoovie.co.cc broke and touched the deepest chords of my heart. Guys you really have to watch the films, the books are amazing, but the films are just outstanding.

  23. youandmesofar says:

    Just seen it at the filmsi.co.cc now was fantastically brilliant molly’s scene was one of the most touching just wanted to smile her defending ginny against bellatrix, id watch it everyday for the rest of my life if i could.

  24. anil13245 says:

    This is an amazing peice of film as well. I found it on filmsi.co.cc last week… But if you cant admit the STORY and the… IMAGINATION behind this isnt breath taking then just continue to jerk off to citizen kane. This material is amazing.

  25. kamalapura says:

    I just watched this film and it was amazing. It was full of the great humour everyone loves in the films at sitemoovie.co.cc, but also had depth which we’d not seen before in the series.

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