The Social Network – In Theaters FRIDAY

Check out last night’s webcast event with Aaron Sorkin and the cast from The Social Network – in theaters this Friday. Recommend the official site to your friends on Facebook at TheSocialNetwork-Movie.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. DraGzJMaN says:

    @idster7 I went to facebook because myspace is too damn slow! lol

  2. idster7 says:

    @DraGzJMaN “This is a Myspace Webcast Event” about Facebook…that site that kicked our ass & made us obsolete.

  3. varsitychic96x says:

    I was there in the audience. Before the interview we saw the movie and it was epic.

  4. TheCommunityFan says:

    i love olivia!!

  5. drphil05 says:

    it doesnt matter…he stole the idea..its THEFT…no obviously taught u VALUES or right/wrong…so what are u trying to argue??/ if he did not steal idea….then he took the idea, and added some diffrent source code big whooop…i can do that…all he did was change the appearance..the man is a thief…and the movie was made in critICISm to him and what he did. It was not to give everyone a movie just named after FB…to watch…it was making fun of what he did…wHICH was wrong. LOLplainsimple

  6. Itachi9000ful says:

    @drphil05 Not quite. he hasn’t used any of the code that was for The Harvard Connection.

  7. popparotzi says:

    Why is Justin Timberlake pretending to be an intellect? He’s clearly not on the same league as his panel members, He did alright careeerwise being himeself up to this point don’t know why he felt the need to put on a front. Thumbs down on that performance hope you did a better job in the movie.

  8. lindazimmer says:

    Movie. “Maybe we can find an algorithm for why Jewish men crave Asian women.”

    The Jewish gene pool already has a lot of genes for high abstract and high verbal intelligence, but is below average in spatial skills. Asians usually have a mix of high abstract and high spatial intelligence, so what Jews need is in the Asian gene pool to improve their own gene pool. Jewish women don’t do it, but Asian cuties do.

    from Finding God Using Psychic Abilities (why Muslims can’t assimilate)

  9. vega888 says:

    @NiNJaBeRSeRKeR Its because you have a very low attention span.

  10. Dosshow says:

    @JohnThePunk584 Olivia Munn.

  11. gibsonr65 says:

    olivia munn!yes!

  12. patomargain says:

    shes that girl from attack of the show

  13. Tommy21797 says:

    myspace is alive?

  14. drphil05 says:

    mark zuckerman is a thief…plain and simple…

  15. NiNJaBeRSeRKeR says:

    saw the movie, fucking boring.
    worst movie of the year.

  16. TheCommunityFan says:

    all of my favorite people in the same room 🙂 i love Olivia Munn

  17. johnrichchannel says:

    Worst News Day Ever , Had no idea Greg Giraldo Died ???

  18. recordedversion says:

    looking forward to more videos !!!


  19. 210Dinero says:

    this is TOO ironic and where is the myspace movie??? this is a way for myspace to get a small chance of letting the producers that made the social network to make one for them see it ???

  20. JohnCenaFan619ChainG says:

    This movie is so good! You guys are gonna love it

  21. lifeunderstands says:

    well this is ironic isnt it?

  22. RullyisJRM says:

    I logged onto Myspace just to see this. Lol.

  23. sthprkbutterslovers says:

    myspace webcast event?? regarding a movie about facebook… hmm

  24. sthprkbutterslovers says:

    why isnt olivia munn in the title or description?? or even the tags? there would be like100000 more views…

  25. womvideos says:

    Jesse’s performance was the best, yet this bitch Olivia is kissing up to the non-nerdy looking actors. Not that Jesse is nerdy looking or anything but I’m just saying.

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