The Social Network Hacking Scene

The Social Network Hacking Scene

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  1. Samonuh says:

    @uechika21 Well, they actually used Zuckerberg’s´╗┐ blog verbatim from the night this happened, so I’d hope it’d be realistic ­čśë

  2. moorsalin3 says:

    @evilfindish yeah, pretty much macro’d´╗┐ copy paste of images

  3. evilfindish says:

    I sort of dislike how he minimally explains something that is extremely easy to do and shouldn’t be considered “hacking” at all such´╗┐ that people who don’t understand will think he is pro.

  4. darkfox1990 says:

    @KayleLang i’m not talking about how he did it… talking about what´╗┐ he did… which was downloading stuff that was openly available except for dunster.. everything else was stuff they threw in there to make it seem like he did some hacking… though it’s still better researched than usual movie crap.

  5. KayleLang says:

    That’s basically what hacking is. People make hacking seem all mysterious, but in real life, it’s mostly righting perl scripts, injecting SQL statements in the right fields, typing javascript in the url or even guessing the right password.

  6. rh1252 says:

    Great scene, fantastic editing. But please…get rid of the stupid subtitles.´╗┐

  7. jalove31426 says:

    But Lowell and Dunster don’t have open directories to their facebook, Lowell requires a username/password combo and Dunster doesn’t have a directory at all. Meaning Zuckerburg had to hack the username/password combo (sql maybe?) and´╗┐ then somehow find a way to gain access to the wired php file that Dunster searches connect you to

  8. tapo says:

    @ashwinhendrix Install´╗┐ Gentoo.

  9. darkfox1990 says:

    @uechika21´╗┐ except this isn’t hacking… anyone can make a script to download all teh youtube thumbnails or something

  10. livelongnprosper92 says:

    Whoa. Well. I have no idea what the fuck he just said. ´╗┐

  11. newtubetubetube says:

    I used to work that hard just to scrap free porn´╗┐ off the Internet. I never thought it was ‘hacking’.

  12. spieluhrpk99 says:

    made´╗┐ me want to script xhtml lol

  13. Tinko92 says:

    @ashwinhendrix Switch to Gentoo as your operating system, solve all occuring obstacles by yourself with google searches, get a tutorial and install LAMP (manually from source), read in the man page (you should know what they are by now) of emacs, read some example php-scripts and the html-sources generated by them. Read´╗┐ an introduction to PERL and search for “weaknesses MySQL” with google. Basically: Make up for your missed computergeek childhoold.

  14. golarrazabal says:

    It’s called´╗┐ “In Motion”

  15. Loja24x7 says:

    Guys please help me out here. I need this song, what’s it called? It´╗┐ isn’t mentioned in the tracklist.

  16. SethiXzon says:

    Regardless if you feel if this qualifies as malicious hacking or not, it is still completely accurate;´╗┐ which is surprising to find in a piece of cinematography.

  17. ashwinhendrix says:

    How could i learn to understand this?´╗┐

  18. nowzadick says:

    NO way KDE can work´╗┐ so fast….

  19. rainmpls4 says:

    My friends spoof of this is so funny, check it out´╗┐ on my vids

  20. VideoMask93 says:

    I´╗┐ really wish this had won Best Picture.

  21. shinobix9 says:

    He must be hacking the mainframe. Pity he didn’t´╗┐ enhance to see the killers reflection off someones belt buckle

  22. nicozarris16 says:

    @entehrend he want to hack those pics for his website. the facemash. its´╗┐ matching girls pictures from different university . just watch the whole video and you’ll get what i mean

  23. entehrend says:

    Thats not hacking, hes just using programs to download a bunch of pics at the same time. You could go to each page and save the´╗┐ pic yourself. Why does he want all those pics?? Its pointless…

  24. TheJasonDR says:

    this is not as hard as it seems….just learn HTML language and´╗┐ you will be able to hack anything

  25. Samonuh says:

    @abvflux It’s verbatim to his real blogs back in Fall´╗┐ 2003, so of course it’s realistic ­čśŤ

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