The Social Network Final Scene

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  1. adatta17 says:

    It’s irony. Erica joined FB without caring about Mark, but hacking in and accepting his own request would defeat the purpose. He’s a geek… He refreshes the page constantly to know if she’s accepted him yet.

  2. TheRoyalBreton says:

    @cudcha01 No. Off the top of my head I can think of Dinner for Schmucks. Opening scene has Fool on the Hill. 😛

  3. zacatecas3 says:

    Wonder how much it cost to get a Beatles song in this movie.

  4. BechTalent says:


    What!? are you kidding me? You haven’t seen a lot of movies…

  5. biggiesmallseastcoas says:

    i like this movie

  6. partygirl209 says:

    though i wouldn’t like to get suded…i still wish i founded Facebook!!

  7. superclaydude says:

    @TheMeganoobi Considering the film doesn’t really portray him in a good light, I’m not sure Mark Zuckerberg would have wanted to play his role. XD

  8. Chibbykins says:


    Because Mark wants acceptance from Erica, not access to her account. His ‘Request’ is really just ‘pick me, like me, be my friend’. He needs friends. Not Friends…

  9. EastmontGirl13 says:

    lol he loves his F5…

  10. Emilio13805 says:

    F5 … F5 … F5 … F5 … F5

  11. azerty7889 says:

    @cudcha01 dinner for schmucks?

  12. grevejp44 says:

    @cudcha01 you clearly never watched ferris bueller’s day off.

  13. JackJ1957 says:

    “I don’t care too much for money… money can’t buy me love.” Lennon/McCartney 1964

  14. T0PSLAYER117 says:

    @BishopX89 That would be horrible for business.

  15. T0PSLAYER117 says:

    Oh look, he’s using KDE

  16. BeatlesForever60 says:

    this goes perfect with The Beatles

  17. milljd28 says:

    this song made the last scene 10X better

  18. passthatsauce says:

    everyone knows the feeling sure

  19. technosesh says:

    Was it just me or did you guys also kept thinking that the lawyer intern was Erica… cos they looked so similar!!!

  20. EuromanMovieReport says:

    I am friends with the fake Ericca Albright Facebook account on FB…

  21. BishopX89 says:

    Wait He made Facebook he can make her be friends with him

  22. Assmaster350 says:

    why does she have a face book acount when she hates the creator

  23. nicklincoln1 says:

    Beatles!!! 😀

  24. T1N0pwnzy0u1 says:

    @JHolmes17 the ladys last line is so accurate and good!

  25. Celeb147 says:

    Every computer I saw in this movie ran KDE…

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