The Social Network – David Fincher Interview Part 1

The Social Network – David Fincher Interview Part 1

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  1. cutandpaste1 says:

    he’s gay

  2. reviewreviewer1 says:

    @Silverwire100 What his films are great which motivatios are bad, we know in Seven they do what they do cause they believe in good in the game cause his brother askes him too, is fight club cause he feels unfree, in Panic Room cause they want to get rich, and in Panic Room there are many twist and build up, in Curious Case Of Bejamin button many different things etc!!!!!

  3. reptongeek says:

    @tranquelmischief Me too!! Of course do we call it Alien 3 or Alien cubed

  4. theempire00 says:

    his neighbour was Lucas!!

  5. stickfa93 says:

    skip to 4:30 for film advice, and also 10:40

  6. stickfa93 says:

    skip to 4:30 for film advice

  7. InfamousMrK says:

    @tranquelmischief yeah I dident mind it was just okay I dont understand all the hate for it, yeahs its not as good as previous alien’s but it was still alright.

  8. derek1600 says:

    @ElTuco84 it was definitely a wonderful experience. glad i could share it and it is great that Fincher is starting to get the recognition he deserves in the last few years.

  9. ElTuco84 says:

    @derek1600 You don’t know how much envy I felt while reading your comment.

  10. Silverwire100 says:


    Actually, they’re satirical improvs on a variety of subjects. When I want a break from writing my plays and screenplays (I’ve written 10 in total), I do improvs for fun.

    All of my improvs are satirical jabs at the establishment.

  11. tranquelmischief says:

    You know I liked Alien 3 I don’t care what anyone says, it wasn’t a bad movie.

  12. wallabyj says:

    @Silverwire100 Yeah, you’re a pretentious moron. Also, I noticed you seem to claim yourself a filmmaker, yet, you have no work up on your page. I’d love to see your idea of narrative structure and character motivation, not just some lame improvised (after calling yourself a writer) rants that are meaningless. Good job, you learned how to put a fake negative filter in iMovie, keep calling yourself a filmmaker like other hacks on youtube. You insult real artists with your unfocused nonsense. FAIL

  13. derek1600 says:

    @ZachClooney very lucky indeed. he was definitely relaxed yet always in control on set. saw him get mad only once but he was usually nice and gave nice compliments. everyone respected him and certainly did their best for him. his attention to detail and his journey for perfection was inspiring. had some nice talks with him and was fortunate enough to start a professional relationship with an actor he works with quite often, Richmond Arquette. we co-wrote a film together called “Stanley DeBrock”

  14. ZachClooney says:

    @derek1600 You are a lucky person to have worked with Fincher. ‘derek1600’, was he very relaxed as he is in this discussion?

  15. TheZebrianna2 says:

    david fincher is the best director of all time in my opinion. he inspires me to want to pursue my dreams of becoming a film director. i wish he could mentor me, or i wish i could work on one of his movies. he’s truly a visionary.

  16. derek1600 says:

    Fincher is my hero. Had the pleasure of working on one of his films. Meeting him was like meeting Elvis to me. A perfect filmmaker.

  17. 40Pacino says:

    For a guy that has made some really intense movies (Alien 3, Fight Club, Se7en and now The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) he seems so mild mannered and normal

  18. TheEdiebaby says:

    i have a bit of an older man crush on him. Don’t judge me.

  19. giardia2 says:

    I always had a crush on this man! 😛

  20. BudDwiker says:

    He reminds me of my Physics teacher. I like my Physics teacher. 🙂

  21. styops says:

    What a dude.

  22. berniemac66 says:

    very calming voice especially for a director.

  23. Mulchahy says:

    Fincher is awesome. Fight Club is still the best movie ever and The Social Network should have won the oscar. His style, skills, and point of view make every movie he makes unique and special.

  24. reece32100 says:

    He looks so tired…

  25. Silverwire100 says:

    Ironically, Aaron Sorkin is a plagiarist. He has stolen many other screenwriters’ work, including THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT and THE WEST WING.

    See my channel for evidence.

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