The Social Network – Club Scene

Track: Dennis de Laat - Sound Of Violence (Main Mix) Club: Exchange in Los Angeles www.exchangela.com Actors: Jesse Eisenberg … Mark Zuckerberg Justin Timberlake … Sean Parker Courtney Arndt … Victoria’s Secret Model Moviescript: Sean Parker: I was crashing there for a little bit while I’m taking care of some things. But she’s done for the summer so she’s back at her parents’ place. Beautiful woman #1: The homeless rock star of Palo Alto. Sean Parker: Alright…What’s your plan for the summer…Mark? Mark Zuckerberg: Oh, I’m sorry, I was looking at the architecture. Sean Parker: I asked what your plan for the … Mark Zuckerberg: A hundred schools by the end of the summer. Beautiful woman #1: We’re going to the restroom. Sean Parker: Okay. Beautiful woman #2: I’ll go with you. (The two girls exit) Mark Zuckerberg: Your date looks so familiar to me. Sean Parker: She looks familiar to a lot of people. Mark Zuckerberg: What do you mean? Sean Parker: A Stanford MBA named Roy Raymond wants to buy his wife some lingerie, but he’s too embarrassed to shop for it at a department store. He comes up with an idea for a high end place that doesn’t make you feel like a pervert. He gets a 000 bank loan, borrows another 000 from his in-laws, opens a store and calls it Victoria’s Secret. Makes a half million dollars his first year. He starts a catalog, opens three more stores and after five years he sells the company to Leslie Wexner and the Limited for four million dollars
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  1. u13hsteed says:

    Just saw this movie. It’s brilliant!

  2. 001MeTaBoLiC100 says:

    That’s hilarious how the Winklevye settled for 21mill that’s not even a drop in the bucket they messed that one up. Good luck trying to get more to bad they are suffering from a case of SETTLER’S REMORSE. How much did Divian Nurendra get out of Facebook I tried checking a while back does anyone know?

  3. MrDetwaa says:

    Justin can ACT!!!!! Quit singing dude and stick to acting. You could have an amazing future in it.

  4. EternallyFalse says:

    justin is really good

  5. xbix22 says:

    2:18 did you just quote goonies?

  6. ruddynominee83B5 says:


  7. SkinnyJeans2471 says:

    its Weird Because Now Justin Timberlake Brought Myspace. Lol

  8. SkinnyJeans2471 says:

    iLove The Song Fuck Justin Timberlake In This Situation.!

  9. calcioboy345 says:

    Favorite part of the movie

  10. ChiefxASTx says:

    @lifevest1 if u told em that it was in this movie they prolly would like it

  11. Jujuman2003 says:

    People who say Justin Timberlake sucks at acting know shit about acting. He was very fucking good in this movie.

  12. dvjJADE says:

    @lifevest1 Spinning at schools is totally different from spinning at clubs, man.

  13. truassassian says:

    @lifevest1 there you go…haters…they’re everywhere nowadays

  14. lifevest1 says:

    I had a DJing session at my school, opened with this song…people hated….wtf is wrong them

  15. Ncruise3 says:

    @ThmasCrown Can’t u put the whole club scene pls..thts ain’t the complete scene.

  16. Jujuman2003 says:

    This movie should’ve won Best Picture, not that piece-of-shit King’s Speech.

  17. TansenExoFire says:

    Oh god he quoted the goonies, only thing that makes me sad is that kids are going to quote justin timberlake in this movie instead of the goonies..

  18. c0decub says:

    @upload what breed are you?

  19. davidjmechanic says:

    This club their at is called “The Exchange” located at 618 S Spring St. in Downtown LA. Its an amazing night club.

  20. akat19 says:

    @notoriousnews the name is

    Dennis De laat – sound of volience

    search it up

  21. YarblesYarblesYarble says:

    This scene gives me cold chills.

  22. Itwer says:

    Amazing scene and story of victoria secret.

  23. Popeye317 says:

    @notoriousnews Dennis de Laat – Sound of Violence

  24. david552 says:

    Mark Zuckerberg = Faust
    Sean Parker = Mephistopheles

  25. DBCOOPER888 says:

    This scene gave me chills in the theater.

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