The Social Network Cast On Oscar Buzz, Technology & Mark Zuckerberg

Hollyscoop.com’s Diana Madison caught up with the cast of ‘The Social Network’ – Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer, Brenda Song & Josh Pence. We get the scoop on all the buzz surrounding the Film, Mark Zuckerberg, the Cast, Justin Timberlake & about Technology. For up-to-the-minute celebrity news, visit www.hollyscoop.com Celebrity Photos http Celebrity Videos www.hollyscoop.com Movie Trailers www.hollyscoop.com

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  1. natashaftw says:

    @OfficiallyTJ Wow, you’re right! I didn’t realize it until I saw your comment!

  2. OfficiallyTJ says:

    Armie Hammer Looks A Bit Like Jason Segel Here.

  3. Shanniquitie says:

    jesse isnt as hot as armie

  4. spuffy2247813 says:

    Why didn’t she ask Jesse what he thought about Andrew being the hottest guy on the buzz right now?

  5. gooddogsit says:


  6. crazychickenlitter says:

    armieeeeee :)

  7. gallumhrasha says:

    so thats what josh pence looks like

  8. marcusisdahl2 says:

    Brenda Song has a big Talent 😀

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