The Social Network 2010 Theatrical Trailer Full HD 1080p

Queres fazer parte do DataBits? Inscreve-te em databits.wordpress.com —— This is the trailer of the upcoming movie from Sony Pictures, The Social Network which involves Facebook. ——- Este é o trailer do novo filme da Sony Pictures, The Social Network, um filme sobre o Facebook. —— All Images and Videos property of their owners. No copyright infringement intended.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. PxoEliteProductions says:

    Im going to watch it this friday for the 2nd time at school.


  2. urlionessbebe says:

    2 DISLIKES from the big jaw twins

  3. AndersHagstrom says:

    Hey, just wanted to say, so you don’t have to wonder. The song is “Creep” and it’s sung by a group called Scala & Kolacny Brothers (original by Radiohead though). They’ve done some other covers also. Check em’ out!

  4. yuionanodesuyo says:

    is this the real story or an adaptation?

  5. Trumpitas says:

    @KarineG4 você está absolutamente certo!

  6. KarineG4 says:

    realmente se eu pudesse acabaria com essa porcaria de websites acho isso uma perca de tempo , dizem q isso faz com que o mundo se junte e vire um só , mas na verdade afastam as pessoas as pessoas ficam frias , tiram fotos pensando que vão colocar no facebook , bebem pra tirar fotos e postar e falar ´´ q lindo bebi pacas! , quero criar meus filhos longe disse e na realidade e não e não em um mundo virtual! porque eu sei da realidade do mundo virtual e não é nem um pouco boa !

  7. andybarone1984 says:

    @sgttractors145 creep

  8. andybarone1984 says:

    wtf is this

  9. cclleemm00110011 says:

    where can i find the music sheet please?

  10. CaroTank says:


    the original song is from Radiohead : “Creep ” , but i don´t know the music band who do the version of the song in the video , sorry for my bad english

  11. PauloBodao100 says:

    Uia, esse filme vai ser baum mesmo!

  12. vinny619boy says:

    @peterovich, ME

  13. peterovich says:

    Who wants to go see this with me?

  14. sgttractors145 says:

    what is the name of that song? anyone?

  15. ohjeezriles says:

    @kamikrazi123 Sad thing is, it really wasn’t that much effort at all. 🙂 Look at you! Being a little pussy! OOOOHOHOHOHO

  16. kamikrazi123 says:

    @ohjeezriles Look at you! So much effort. I’m going to not read this and block you. Get a life. Bye 😀

  17. ohjeezriles says:

    @kamikrazi123 I think it’s hilarious that instead of actually backing up your argument or giving any points, you resort to petty namecalling and using a strawman argument. Yes, a good script can’t save a bad movie, but that’s implying this movie is bad. You might want to graduate high school before you attempt any other type of discourse with adults.

  18. ohjeezriles says:

    @kamikrazi123 Furthermore, yes, a movie production has the potential to go awry even with a good script. The likelihood of that happening is relatively small, and even then, I wasn’t talking exclusively about the script. Aaron Sorkin is genius, yes, but so is David Fincher. This is the man who directed Fight Club, Se7en, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. He has won Academy Awards throughout most of his career. It was safe to say this movie would be FAR from disappointing.

  19. ohjeezriles says:

    @kamikrazi123 Actually, doofus, a script written by someone that is the best scriptwriter of our time DOES mean shit. Firstly, no, I’m not being a bandwagoner. I have been following this movie since sometime last year, I read the script when it got leaked onto the internet, and I actually saw it yesterday. I went in with an open mind thinking it could go either way, and to be honest, it was a phenomenal film.

  20. kamikrazi123 says:

    @ohjeezriles oh stfu, just because the script was written by a renowned person doesnt mean shit. First off, you’re just being a bandwagonner by saying that. Secondly, a movie could potentially be botched even if it’s a good script.

  21. vinny619boy says:

    This trailer is much better then the nes they’re playing now.. This one makes it much more dramatic with the music..

  22. ohjeezriles says:

    @kamikrazi123 Right. A movie written by Aaron Sorkin, the mastermind behind The West Wing, and directed by David Fincher, who really needs no introduction… is just going to be a money cow to bank on a current trend.

    Do some research next time. Maybe you won’t sound so fucking retarded. 😀

  23. sunnyvegas702 says:

    why do you have 1080p but the official channel doesn’t?

  24. MrJThrasher says:

    Scala did the cover

  25. tehnamesseli says:

    @tehnamesseli by radio head

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