The Social Media Revolution – What does it mean for you? – by readyBUZZ.com

How is social media changing our interactions? How does business benefit from the shift to social media marketing? These questions and more and understood by watching the mind-boggling data on social media metrics. Enjoy! www.readybuzz.com

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  1. TopDogBranding says:

    Great video-very informational. There is a new launch on Oct. 20 for an awesome platform which bundles all social media into one place, making the experience much easier. Mobile Apps will be available as well! Check my channel out for more information….thanks! TopDogBranding

  2. impactgreatness says:

    I believe that in every social media being used has pros and cons. It will only vary on how the user will use it. Like me, I use it very well on a positive and very helpful side. It gives a lot of information needed for my clients.

  3. ZenCartEasyHelp says:

    Thank you for such a nice video! Set up your ecommerce business for free with our Easy Help Zen Cart Tutorials and our Free Zen Cart Templates.

  4. gariouscom says:

    I am not convinced on the statement that social media is the number 1 activity on the web today, the fact that there’s still pornography in any social media platform falsify this.

  5. socialbrothers says:

    Great information and some very interesting facts. The only thing I would suggest is to slow it down just a little, I had to pause and remind in some places to read the entire thing. Awesome video overall!

    ~ Brother Trevor

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