The Simple Recipe For Getting *ANYTHING* You Want In Life…

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  1. armaneee says:

    You are beautiful… eloquent…smart. You are amazing.

  2. Eryn Brown says:

    Katie, I want to thank you, truly, for sharing these videos. I’ve gone through similar experiences in my life; I know what it’s like to lose many of the things I held dear to me. I’ve learned the hard way that love comes from within and I am very inspired by your story. I, too, hope to become a successful entrepreneur someday doing and sharing who I am and what I’m passionate about. I’d love to have a personal conversation with you if that’s possible? I’ll look up your email in the near future.

  3. XxDoubleRainbowzxX says:

    i want One Direction tickets, how am i supposed to give that away?

  4. pikace99 says:

    will this work? i want a new game called new super Mario bros 2! so badly i’m not being greedy! my sister lost my other game. that’s all i want a new game! nothing more! just a Nintendo 3ds game that’s all!

  5. dciree says:

    what about money?

  6. painprofessor says:

    You clearly have a gift and talent for what you do. Your success is no surprise.

  7. painprofessor says:

    Profound concept. Thank you for sharing.

  8. trashtalk82 says:

    is this gurl a demon ?

  9. sabot96 says:

    It is not a law of the universe. It is a lie that is used to manipulate people to give to others what they would not normally give. You are being manipulated by someone.

  10. tibisound says:

    i don’t see much what i want but it’s sound good

  11. Al Hall says:

    I think that will be successful at getting “anything” she wants without the New Age mumbo jumbo and the pseudo-science. People are attracted to her because of her good looks and intellegence. Cut the crap.

  12. ironmistressrock says:

    You’re inspirational Katie more people should follow this way of life

  13. Rednoq says:

    It did not work with money… : (

  14. PhilEmanS says:

    schleck tha muschi

  15. davidmarcksuk says:

    by your own words you shall be judged and by your own words you shall be justified

  16. davidmarcksuk says:

    every beautiful creation requires time, patience, love… simple recipe; be not deceived easily; …

  17. Suriya Prakash says:

    @KatieFreiling : fuck you…! your logic is wrong… I love you so much then why r u with other guy mmm ? Answer me Katie :@ (I liked this video)

  18. aucomint says:

    I followed your advice “if you really give without any expectation that is when you truely can get”. Well, I gave away a lot of money. Unfortunately all I got is that I was broke. Doesn’t seem to work with everything… More seriously, I like what you said all along this video. If only more people could hear you say and decide to share more instead of always expecting.

  19. StratMatt777 says:

    Not giving TO get. Just giving. What ever comes back comes back. Not giving for the expectation of the return.

  20. Rybot9000 says:

    That’s still coming from a place of need. Its just called delayed-gratification and strategic self-presentation. People in there inherent state of ignorance already flock together by following after their desires and strategic self-presentation and delayed gratification are considered modern virtues. Actually sociopaths are well-known for their mastery of both, it’s pretty much the distinguishing characteristic. Enlightenment, Truth, is something else entirely.

  21. Rybot9000 says:

    You don’t have to give anyone your money. Check out my video on “Strategic Self-Presentation” I think you will find it more descriptive and there are a ton of references in the description that you can read for free. They are mostly psych papers and reference manuals you can read partially or in full online.

  22. 26perkins says:

    I have had a horrible day and seeing your smile actually made it a bit better;)
    Thank you

  23. Eaglez27 says:

    Nice tips Katie but I was distracted by watching strands of hair floating…lol

  24. HomeBuyersofOhio says:

    Thanks Katie..you’re awesome

  25. barrorrojo says:

    Thankyou so much for your videos, i can listen to you clearly beyond words, and that brings me peace and undestanding.. Happy New Year =)

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