The Secret to Motivating Yourself To Take More Action!

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  1. Fishpigg says:

    Sorry and you are how old ?

  2. mikejonesfitness says:

    Great video on Fear vs. Desire. I really like the 2 points you made. 1) That if your FEAR is bigger than your desire, then you will be stuck. 2) In order to get unstuck, then we have to feel the pain of being stuck at such an intense level that we will choose to take action rather than give in to the destructive feeling of being stuck and let our goals and dreams pass us bye. We need to make that shift at a deep level. Thanks for the info. You explain things very well in your video.

  3. Maloperverso says:

    This video motivated me to masturbate until cumming!!! This bitch is fine and I wanna fuck her!!!

  4. videosofmikey says:

    Added to favourites 🙂 whenever i need motivation THIS VIDEO WILL BE THERE! great vid

  5. wuugip says:

    Everyone should definitely amplify this feeling as much as they can. People that turn this concept into a chronic phobia are some of the most successful people that I’ve ever met. You don’t need to be that extreme but think about it before you get the onset of that feeling of just wanted to watch a movie, play video games, read a book, or whatever else it is that will not help you progress. By the way, you are extremely gorgeous Katie. Just thought I’d mention it 🙂 Thank you for the video!

  6. Caka6525 says:

    Just what I needed to hear… Thank you so much!

  7. EngineeringTrends says:

    to motivate yourself you need an excellent technique to condition your mind the right way which will help you to focus more on your goal without getting distracted….

  8. trevorsss1 says:

    r u married ?

  9. taslimaferdous says:

    um ya so youre pretty amazing! love the way you explain such powerful concepts in the most simply and applicable ways. props 🙂

  10. opolopp says:

    great message, thank you. 🙂

  11. candy91fk says:

    ThankS a lot…
    I got to be BRAVE rite now.

  12. brocklanders1984 says:

    I am in love now.

  13. brocklanders1984 says:

    OMG she is the hottest ginger on TV.  Great speaker to! lol

  14. qcladi says:

    Excellent concept!!!

  15. MarvelousworldTV says:


  16. Pete Sapper says:

    Excellent strategy utilizing the power of neuro-association for those who are controlled by fear of failure. However, as a Life Coach I encounter many clients who are controlled by a very different fear – Fear of success. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, Katie.

    Video Responses:
    #1 Fear of Success due to Societal (Tribal) Conditioning
    #2 Fear Of Success as a means of avoidance of perceived pain associated to success

  17. goodgoodgoodful says:

    I listened to Tony Robbin materials too. The “pain and desire” thing definitely has in common with Tony’s teaching.

  18. peteryyz43 says:

    …Uh,,last time I checked, this wasn’t an Utopian world… wouldn’t it be lovely if life changes were as simple as you make them out to be!??… get a reality check!!..Wonder why you never talk about the practicalities and the logistics for change in ones life.Are you saying we should risk emotional/ financial hardship to MAYBE, if were lucky, find that change that you’re talking about?. Unfortunately, we are who we are; life is a lottery and a huge sprinkling of Darwinian Natural selection.

  19. kofbill says:

    You got that right my friend. Well it is good information to share. It is obvious that there won’t anything such as new idea that nobody hasn’t thought about. But when we borrow them it would be good to give the credit you know. Tony Robbins is Genius in sense of the depth of his human knowledge. Pain and Pleasure are his motto that is for sure… I will hit you up later my friend…

  20. ormes21 says:

    Exactly what I thought, obviously it is good information no doubt about it. But I have been listening to Anthony Robbins for a while, desire to gain pleasure and avoid pain scenario is one the main things he teaches if not, the main thing.

  21. 4dlong says:

    Hi Katie! Great job! Thank you for the way you broke down and explained the information!
    If you have a chance, check out Davids Innerarmor on fb. It is all motivation and inspiration for daily living.
    Hope you like it as much as I am enjoying your information and delivery.

  22. kofbill says:

    That is good that you are practice life coaching, but don’t think it would be good to quote the person that you pick the idea of pain and pleasure from? The master of life coach Anthony Robbin? Nothing you said it is news concept from what Tony have already thought. It simple sad to see how you use all his thoughts and you didnt ever bother you give him the credits… Your other videos are little convincing… Please give the sources credit thank you

  23. itsnadiabrasil says:

    OWWW! Thank you SO much for this video, I really do believe that this “trick” can actually change my life for good! Loved it!

  24. dbg2970 says:

    This is an incredibly helpful video..that I am excited about applying it..you are a great motivator and enthusiast!! !Thanks so much!!!

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