The Secret To Life Transformation: The Power Of NOW


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  1. Dan0101010101010 says:

    You are very pretty for a you tube girl!

  2. MrSTEIMO says:

    Such a positive change taking place on our earth! Mother earth deserves this change. Such exciting times 😀

  3. djesun1 says:

    wow you have a beautiful colour hair. totally off topic

  4. tochezpab says:

    consider success as apposed to superiority (or social interest), for realising wholeness, please read on defintions by Alfred Adler. There is also great difference between ego driven influence (which seeks to impose and protect itself) and being totally receptive to reality and honest with one’s self. Actions become more suited to the given moment and dont seek to define us. Basically Eckhart asks us to redefine our notion of success to something that doesn’t feed the ego

  5. onetao8 says:

    What is your definition of success? I think most people considered successful are far from peaceful. 

  6. tochezpab says:

    It’s almost like being more streamline or aeorodynamic, living life without gathering stress, hopes and worries and any other psychological resistance that makes the present moment difficult to live in.Though our goals must become selfless not needing a greater or fuller self but simply doing what the current situation truly requires from you.

  7. tochezpab says:

    @onetao8 @onetao8 She means that we are able to let go of burdens that hold us back from achieving our goals as we realise that our identity doesn’t need to depend on them. The happier person is also going to function more peacfully in social relationships and attract success…

  8. j3st4h says:

    Way cool, thanks for making this video for people!

  9. TheSlimkitten says:

    Oh you had empty eyes!

  10. alchavezb says:

    Eckhart is not a genious at all. and you can have fear of the present time too, if you don’t know how to manage it, and he doesn’t explain how to do it.. he is still far away from the truth…he simply blows his mind and thats how he solves the anxiety problems.. it is not as easy as that, and is a very passive and incorrect way of interpreting life.. wait for my book soon

  11. ivandilivan says:

    Eckhart is quite a natural genius 🙂 I love him and you and the whole world because everyone will understand the power of a present moment :)

  12. ballaststoffel2 says:

    I love you!

  13. meroawrr says:

    I would like a new video of you, since this is the first one it appear in search list but also its pretty old.

    As to the video…

    I think you’ve said some magic sentences there:
    Take a moment and breathe
    Be happy now
    Start living now

  14. mateeah says:

    I have a question, does living in the moment still mean you dream, set goals, strive for things in the future, ect?

  15. HELLH0WND says:

    Live now, pay later…

  16. rahachi says:

    You are a good teacher also. You exude a bright , truthful, giving light! Keep on doing your work and I thank God for you sharing your gift to us and the universe

  17. onetao8 says:

    Ok so are you saying become awakened, enlightened, live in the moment or whatever you wan’t to call it so you can make lots of money, be successful and get all the things you wan’t?

  18. bboyvasy says:

    Click Up for Osho !:)

  19. cr0uchingtiger says:

    Tolle like booth not Tolle like au lait

  20. bergstan23 says:

    While I have been watching your video The Power Of NOW came to me and whispered: “Kiss this woman”:)

  21. JukeboxWillie says:

    You are an Amazing woman! Thanks 8^D

  22. sit1way says:

    Gorgeous babe speaking the gospel of now = cash money. She makes multiple 5 figures/month according to her website. Some homely dude abiding in the now is lucky to make fity’ cent. I will say I was rather transfixed, smitten even, by her recorded now-ness with my now, now, now-ness. Well, really, it’s all then-ness as far as thought is concerned. Delusions are endless unless you’ve managed to enter the Tolle-zone

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