The Secret to Inner Self Mastery

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  1. Maloperverso says:

    Doesn’t she look like Chelsea King (a bit)!? The girl that got killed in California 2 years ago…

  2. ulekunkle says:

    that must be why jimi said you will never hear surf music again ,,, no ???

  3. ike9diamonds says:

    pink meat

  4. Hoodooal says:

    You have wonderfull bright eyes, and I’m sure you
    mean well. However, when you see the truth of yourself
    there’s no person. Awareness has no need of a practice,
    because that is who you are. You just may need that pointed out.
    The rest is ego that does not exist. Everything unfolds naturally.
    No need to do anything to cultivate it or master it. Who would be mastering whom?
    If everything is Ok as it is, then full stop.

  5. murdok620 says:

    beautiful video!

  6. noOoni1999 says:

    Very nice thank you.

  7. sarmaroof says:

    It is a very nice place! Thanks for sharing this video!

  8. supafalc says:

    Aww man, here I was thinking i’m gonna write something nice, and I run out of words..
    Thankyou 🙂

  9. qulearn says:

    Beautiful and accurate message for self-knowledge and personal growth. Much along the lines of Jung, Osho, The Enneagram, and any other teacher or system claiming there to be a difference between the essence and the ego, the I and the personality, the soul and the mind. Thank you for your words.

  10. scandalist1 says:

    Hi Katie,

    You may enjoy a nice dose of magic mushrooms.

  11. Superhealer13 says:

    Chapeau !

  12. DrTony33 says:

    Superb message, Katie, and effectively presented.

    Get it out there – you’re making a difference.


    Love Ya,


  13. jtking2504 says:

    Wow, thank you Katie for sharing this wonderful wisdom! Truly inspiring.

    You have a beautiful aura about you, it shines out from within.

  14. Iillyjay says:

    Great points that you make. Thanks! : )

  15. sleepingwhale says:

    yes. yes. yes. yes. yes.

  16. stepho68 says:

    Sooooo spot on!! Blissings Katie 🙂

  17. NeilGasson says:

    Wow, thanks Katie for posting this. I will put it into action.

  18. jinxhoo says:

    Did you look inside yourself and find that your power animal is a tiny dog with a sweater on? I bet you’re tons of fun at parties….i hate you. I would gladly suffer through this video again if it ended with you falling into the ocean and being torn apart by sharks. You awaken a deep, primal hatred in me.

  19. tonypar9 says:

    another; Book of Secrets, “Krishnamurta, If you are angry-remain angry- do not move-anger will go and you will come out different…If you are in anxiety-remain there, stay there-anxiety will go-you will come out different…Once you have looked without being moved, you will be the master.”

  20. lucyedinburgh says:

    Second video of yours I just found, guess you ‘got it’ what comment I put on your last video- Cool! Ghandi Lives!

  21. SEXePAGAN says:


  22. Pnigro says:

    Not at all. You don’t need to be in a beach to train your mind. Just find a quite place and meditate.

  23. manda868686 says:

    wonderful. captured it all for what it is.
    i noticed this new feeling in me, that grew stronger, that filled me with a new light, basically an abundance of anything and everything good. and as i ooked it up , in books, and internet it lead me to all these videos of spiritual awakening and comming together as one with the universe. and ive watched many many videos, and i do have to say, that you …., you said it best. thank you 🙂

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