5 Replies to “The Satanic Verses: Fabricated or Authentic? David Wood vs. Adnan Rashid”

  1. Muslim debater was very brave to debate with a stick on his hand when David
    was debating with a samurai sword in his hand. Muslim debater was
    destroyed. Still I hear heard muslims cheer him, which tells me clearly
    they didn’t hear anything David wood stated, for if they had they would of
    boooo him off the stage.

  2. Just more nails in the coffin for Muhammad. Notice the inconsistency the
    Muslim has with attacking his own sources to reject the Satanic Verses in a
    similar manner the way he rejects The Bible, yet when watching the same
    Muslim debate with James White, he APPEALED TO THE SAME SOURCES TO DEFEND

  3. Notice the drastic differences in the transmission of the scriptures for
    Islam versus Christianity. The Quran was CONTROLLED transmission whereas
    The Bible was FREE transmission. The Bible made the impossibility of a
    single government or person or power to have collected ALL copies that
    standardized the texts and burn the rest, which was done with the Quran,
    because the time the New Testament was being transmitted and copied ROME
    WAS TRYING TO BURN THIS OUT OF EXISTENCE. The Quran on the other hand, was
    collected by their selected few Muslims, and Uthman had anything he thought
    was a variation BURNED themselves. There WAS NO PERSECUTION DURING THE TIME
    ISLAM WAS TRANSMITTING THEIR TEXTS. This is HUGE the way each religion
    looks at Control versus Freedom as well. Which religion is imposing their
    controls through Sharia on everyone? Which religion thrives in freedom
    loving countries? Just a few thoughts…

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