PRESENTED BY LAYLA ANNA-LEE In the autumn of 1808 Bradley Excelsior Thomas III decided to form The Ryan O’Reilly Band by whittling it out of a log shaped like a dog. He did this in order to take his mind of the pressures of writing the first season of ‘Ferguson’ the port/harbour based drama for which he will soon be revered and reviled for in equal measure. Luckily he found a man of the required name to front the project after one replied to the slightly unorthodox men-seeking-men advert he placed on the post office bulletin board. This terrifying personality cult follow a bizarre hierarchical system, loosely based on that of an eighteenth-century frontier town. The current sheriff is T-Bone Trow and he is comforted and assisted by leading conspiracy investigator Dave-Dog Granshaw & Mystery-Meat salesman Spencer Special-Sauce Cullum. The gang now insist upon thrusting this authoritarian musical theocracy into the streets, from Brixton to Upminster… and beyond?! The live album you are listening to while reading this (unless you’ve paused it?…) was released in March 2009 to startlement from the musical establishment elite, who were stunned into becoming large chocolate fish eggs. And finally after all that excitement from a live album I can reveal that the resident band from Ronnie Scott’s (thats us) first studio LP, that has been eagerly silently anticipated by the silent majority for so long (tentatively titled ‘If You Can’t See My Windows… Then Baby, I Can’t See
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  1. theryanoreillyband says:

    NOVEMBER is now available on the EP ‘Emily’ - shipping wordwide

    see theryanoreillyband offical website for details

  2. chicadclovers says:

    p.s. i you ever need girl vocal contact me 😀

  3. chicadclovers says:

    I saw them outside Covent garden and it made me stop and listen to them and I was 10 minutes late for my appointment but sooo worth it, good luck 🙂

  4. canaima512 says:

    You’d be surprised how much Ryan knows about the history of other bands from the ’60’s onwards. It takes a musical genius to compose music, I’ve always thought. It’s somethig you’re born with. This can be seen in his musical historical knowledge as well.

  5. Serentic says:

    @perisutti: check out their homepage…they’ve got the lyrics there!

  6. AiliePark says:

    Saw them in Portobello road on Saturday and bought their cd. Soo good! They’re gonna be big 🙂

  7. perisutti says:

    Can someone please give me the lyrics of this song? =) thanks

  8. fitipow says:

    paul giamatti with long hair playing xylophone and making the chorus???? lol
    brilliant song and great performance guys, i saw you in portobello road and i think you are amazing. i hope someday u will come to the basque country

  9. sjdinergrrl says:

    Rian OReilly ‘s American sister “likes this”.

  10. Nepucat1007 says:

    I just bought their CD two weeks ago @ Portobello Road xD
    Really like them!!!

  11. Balalita says:

    I also bought their EP last Saturday in Portobello Rd cause I and my friends thought that they were really talented!! They’re amazing

  12. NiccoloGranieri says:

    I’ve got the lyrics! Just write an email here on YouTube and I’ll send them. Please check my channel and subscribe! Thanks!

  13. acertif says:

    please help me
    I looking for the lyrics of this song………
    somebody can help me ?????

  14. sonyalex says:

    same here!

    Cheers from Spain!!

  15. hyrdela says:

    love them .. 🙂

  16. Cunt03 says:

    Oh thanks man, yes very help full. Just wish there was a better quality version of it up on youtube. Like that song a lot. Have a good day, thanks. 🙂

  17. mjnarracott says:

    I’m pretty sure Good Enough will be on the new EP that’s out soon and that will be on iTunes etc… Live at the Half Moon is a great album though; it’s always for sale at any live gig you can get to, and if you can’t make one, drop them a line on Myspace and they’ll work something out!

  18. jennywren1 says:

    It’s called Good Enough, I have it off their Live At The Half Moon album but I dunno where else you can get a copy!

    Hope I helped! 🙂

  19. ohhdearie says:

    I love this song and Elizabeth! they are really good

  20. Cunt03 says:

    could somone please tell me the name of their song with the lyrics “I know im not good enough but im still in love with you”? I love the band, happened to see them live in Ronnie’s Bar in Soho in November and they were great. They did this bit where they came into the crowd and sang the song I’m talking about to the crowd like they were busking, was brilliant! Any response will be much appreciated.

  21. AranGalactico says:

    Fuck me, these fellas are mint, only found them by fluke, delighted!

  22. icassu says:

    Brilliant as always chaps.

  23. DysisTend says:


  24. ChavTownBand says:

    Fantastic band!!!

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