The research-led approach to online recruitment

The research-led approach to online recruitment

Article by John Smith

The aim of this article is to outline some online recruitment research strategies and explain why they are so valuable. One of the strengths of using online research as the back bone of your campaign is that the decisions you make are based on real, relevant data. Moreover, the information is coming from the people you care about the most whether it is job boards, recruiters, recruitment agencies or candidates.

Many businesses make the mistake of throwing money towards new and exciting channels without conducting any detailed research. The new social media in recruitment trend is a good example of this. If used in the right way, Social Media can save you a great deal of time and money in the recruitment process. It can also help you find some very niche, relevant candidates that are hard to source elsewhere.

However, spending hours and hours creating a glossy Facebook page is certainly not a valuable use of your time. You need to use online recruitment research to find out where candidates go to look for jobs. For example, you might find that engaging with candidates on more niche social media websites is the best way forward.

Now that you are aware of why online recruitment research is useful it is time to take a look at the different techniques you can use.

Recruitment focus groupsMost people are aware of just how useful and valuable focus groups can be. They allow you to get real honest opinions about the subjects and issues you care about the most. You can use the results of focus groups to put practical solutions into action and you can be confident that your decision is based on real perceptions.

Online user surveysJust take a moment to think about how useful it would be to survey the users of YOUR website. This will enable you to obtain opinions about the recruitment process, understand how your site is being used and find out what candidates expectations are.

You can then use this information to design focused internet marketing campaigns that will attract the quality candidates that you are looking for.

National Online Recruitment Audience SurveyNORAS is the worlds largest online recruitment survey. You can use it to find out online job seeker behaviour. It is a free tool and you can download the online planning tool which will enable you to compare a range of job board audiences.

Usability TestingYou can use this to find out how easy to use your website is and test how user-friendly it is.

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If you need to know more about Online Recruitment Research then you should consult with some online recruitment specialists about what trends are occurring in order to place your Online Recruitment Advertising correctly.

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