The Power of “WHY”

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  1. vigneswari5282 says:

    I am here because i want to make a difference in children’s lifes

  2. toslinkk says:

    BUT WHY?

  3. etefetuk says:

    This is an awesome video, Katie. I love the value that you bring to the market place. Asking the question “Why” is very key to success. It opens up your potentials.

  4. jkash88 says:

    I love ur energy kate =] everytime its so contagious! =]]] efff tha hataz

  5. ncripzx says:

    are you always like this? 😛

  6. ginlai7569 says:

    Thanks,Katie!The question why we are here is the most important for everyone.
    If you step up the self-education curve,you will come up with more answers than you can use.-Jim Rohn

  7. Hostirad says:

    I am not at all into entrepreneurship and making money. Rather, I am interested in promoting genuine happiness and fulfillment, and I do believe that feeling like we are making a contribution is an important part of fulfillment. I think that this video is a great message for entrepreneurs who are overly-focused on making money to indulge in pleasure, because that route is unlikely to make them happy. But it is also a great message for all of us, whether or not we are entrepreneurs.

  8. Danielhealthycoffee says:

    AWESOME Video!!

    Daniel Lopez

  9. jtwebman says:

    I am so glad your launch went so great! I am totally going to make a video response to this! Thanks for the kick in the butt to figure out why I am doing what I am doing!

  10. docgambee says:

    Awesome stuff Katie! I gotta tell you, your thoughts, ideas and videos were one of my inspirations when I came up with the idea for my site earlier this year, ElevateEverything. I love your passion and your enthusiasm for what you do, it really comes through! You have a customer/follower for life. Keep it up!

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