The Perfect Landing Page Pt. 1 [Design] -Inside The Mind Episode 6

HELP ME JUMPSTART SEASON 2 OF INSIDE THE MIND! indiegogo.com (November Only!) Find Me On Facebook: facebook.com We’re talking about the Perfect Landing Page Design in this week’s episode of Inside The Mind. We’ll cover different Landing Page design techniques, why they work, and why you really need to focus on your landing pages. Resources for this episode are here – ———————————————————— Build Your Own Landing Pages- unbounce.com Guide to Colors for your Landing Pages blog.kajabi.com Ryan Deiss Perfect Squeeze Page: www.digitalmarketer.com Inspiration for the Inside The Mind landing page: (The Anatomy of The Perfect Landing Page) – www.formstack.com Blackberry Landing Page (what not to do) – blackberry.com Apple Iphone Landing Page – http Derek Halpern’s Article On Images On Social Trigger – socialtriggers.com

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  1. Tommy Walker says:

    No problem!´╗┐ I’m glad you liked it ­čÖé

  2. Godfmtv says:

    Hey thanks for the tips…entertaining, understandable´╗┐ and short!

  3. Tommy Walker says:

    @TheMiguelHenry I’m always down for new´╗┐ projects ­čśë

  4. Tommy Walker says:

    @bperryonline Thank you! I’m glad you´╗┐ liked it

  5. Bridgett Perry says:

    Best info I have seen on this topic!´╗┐ Thank you!

  6. Tommy Walker says:

    Cool! Do you remember where? We got a ton of traffic´╗┐ from facebook, but I have no idea where it came from!

  7. Tommy Walker says:

    Thanks! Yeah we’re´╗┐ leveling up for sure ­čÖé

  8. Vitoria Castro says:

    This time your editing skills were even more´╗┐ accurate ­čÖé NICE work as always Tommy.


  9. bengarrisonpersonal says:

    I saw a link to it on´╗┐ facebook. Great content!

  10. TechHelpEd says:


    You hit it´╗┐ out of the park again. Your visuals are highly effective and informative. I learned more from this video than I did from reading a report about landing pages.

  11. GripSOCIAL says:

    Love the video especially talking how blackberry’s website sux and apple rules! Thumbs UP!!! ´╗┐

  12. Tommy Walker says:

    Thanks so much! ´╗┐

  13. greenlightcoach says:

    You give SO much valuable content! Little´╗┐ Tommy rocks! This was a really great one!

  14. ryzeonline says:

    I’m not surprised, man. Your creativity´╗┐ + design sense shine ­čÖé

    Hhaha, fist bump, oh man ­čÖé

  15. Tommy Walker says:

    haha Thanks! with the Twitter landing page, I am proud to say I designed´╗┐ that one myself!

    Great dudes too, who’s work should be followed very closely.

    Thanks so much for the props, little Tommy wanted me to let you know owe him a fist bump.

  16. ryzeonline says:

    Awesome stuff, great advice…Tarantino Muther-Fluffer.

    Citing Halpern +´╗┐ Deiss is awesome, and your example images rock.

    (props to little Tommy).

  17. Karriann Graf says:

    Awesome video….great information.´╗┐

  18. Tommy Walker says:

    Glad I could help´╗┐ ­čÖé

  19. Tommy Walker says:

    thanks so much Ben ­čÖé If you´╗┐ don’t mind my asking, how’d you find the video?

  20. BenGarrisonRealtor says:

    What a great video! Not only is your information fantastic but´╗┐ the content is delivered very creatively!

    Well done – I look forward to watching all your videos.

  21. widetimefilms says:

    Tommy, I’m working on´╗┐ a landing page todayand this was incredibly helpful – thanks!

  22. Mike Mintz says:

    Tommy – I’m sure you’ve been asked this in other comments, but what video editing software are you using and how are you capturing the shots of yourself (webcam v. someone´╗┐ filming)?

  23. Tommy Walker says:

    @klimadesigngroup Lol reading landing pages about landing´╗┐ pages is very meta.

  24. Marina Klima Goldberg says:

    This is good and clear, much better than reading 200´╗┐ landing pages about landing pages.

  25. cruisinaltitude says:

    fun stuff; thanks I´╗┐ liked the effects too ­čÖé

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