The Offline Social Network (HUNGRY BEAST)

Two guys walking around asking people the same questions they get asked when they sign up to Facebook. Will hilarity ensue? You betcha!
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  1. thejam200 says:

    lol @ the ending

  2. Anonymous1985 says:

    I don’t recall facebook ever asking for your address.

  3. PotatoTattoo says:

    @acogswell When you close your account, though, it does ask you why you’re leaving, and asks if it’s for the reasons they listed. And for many people who aren’t aware of the ever changing privacy changes Facebook undergoes, a status can be made more public than the user originally intended. It’s actually rather on the ball. The only difference really, is that they’re going to the users, instead of being sought after by the users.

  4. zwiftblade says:

    @acogswell How so? you trust a website by putting all your info there, for the masses to see, yet you won’t trust a person who could propagate your info to perhaps only 60 individuals compared to the millions on the net?

  5. eldukemx says:

    @acogswell It does when you close your facebook account.

  6. thespy1 says:

    @acogswell no, people do that, because they don’t realize the danger it creates. They invite serial killers to know all their info (who they are, where they live, where they are right now, and with who). Than they ass raped and killed..

  7. thespy1 says:

    @TheStacykeys That’s because people think the internet is safe…..Lawyers, doctors, national security workers for the government, they all use facebook and are fucking retards. These people who did this experiment made a good point. Although it would never work, because people are just stupid…

  8. acogswell says:

    this is funny, but by exploiting this video is pretty inaccurate. facebook doesnt ask you why your closing the browser, it doesn’t shout to the street what youre doing when you dont want them to know.

  9. kupferschrift says:

    The catcha is the best.

  10. Swatchoo says:

    I’m watching this for the tenth time 😀 it’s still funny!

  11. justrhysism says:

    @8Dark8Wolf8 I think you missed the point. They were highlighting that exact fact; you should only put on Facebook what you would be willing to share with some random in the street. However, with Facebook’s latest privacy settings it’s not quite so relevant anymore, but we can’t let cold hard facts get in the way of good humour.

  12. Iymonchy says:

    Lane yearchor

  13. OrdinaryHandsome says:

    “Why are you leaving (away from us on the street)? Is it a privacy concern?? Other??”


    Best of the best video! 😀

  14. 8Dark8Wolf8 says:

    LOL bunch of tweeter users trying to make FB look bad, U tell the social network what ever u want, either they ask it or not, This guys prove Nothing. Like the Guy in the black Tshit said… F OFF!

  15. s0mack says:

    They should have poked someone or asked “Can I poke you?”

  16. billabong272 says:

    nice! a lot of people must be guilty after watching this.lol

  17. PowerSprinter says:

    @savejoppeDOA There actually is. FB notifies you of any tagged pics. Also, you can adjust privacy settings and it lets you see what your profile looks like publicly. And you can make your profile unsearchable if you want to. With that said, i do see your point, i think people just dont realize that FB is not a place to share everything, its still the internet.

  18. savejoppeDOA says:

    @PowerSprinter Well there’s a ton of pics on there that’s tagged with his name doing all kinds of shit apparently. I won’t argue with you that he’s a moron, but there’s no way of keeping a lid on what all your hundreds of facebook “friends” does now is it?

  19. PowerSprinter says:

    @savejoppeDOA Well your friend didnt get the job because your friend is a moron for doing that on Facebook. Its not Facebook’s fault that your friend made an entire album of himself drunk entitled “shitfaced” now is it?

  20. hachetheboss says:

    Perfect to show why I’m not in Facebook!!! Excellent!

  21. ARavingDude says:

    lane yearchor

  22. disorderist1 says:


    Check this to see what is behind it …

  23. mrlongboarding100 says:

    Hahaha really good idea,

  24. daphne2219 says:

    Awesome 😛

  25. TheStacykeys says:

    that was effing funny! people can broadcast their personal info to millions online but cannot say it out loud on the street, loved the captcha ending

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