The New HTC Salsa Includes A Handy Facebook Button For Fuss Free Social Networking

The New HTC Salsa Includes A Handy Facebook Button For Fuss Free Social Networking

Article by Chris Westley

Social networking is a large part of millions of people’s everyday lives. It is the best way for them to stay in-touch with their family and friends no matter where they may be. Being able to use a mobile phone to use these social networking sites is even more convenient than using a laptop. Mobile phones are easy to carry and provide quick access to a number of networking sites. The HTC Salsa is one of the newest phones from HTC and gives users one of the easiest to use social networking experiences. This phone takes social networking to the next level by adding a designated Facebook button.

The number one reason users will want to purchase this phone is because of social networking. No other phone on the market gives users this much focus to their networking needs. Users of the HTC Salsa have the ability to select the friends and family members that they want to always have updates on, and then they will be able to receive the updates directly on their home screen. The Facebook button allows users to take a picture and upload directly to their Facebook page almost instantly. This is perfect for people who share almost all of their pictures they take because they no longer have to wait to upload them from a computer when they get home.

There is also the Facebook chat feature added to the HTC Salsa. This feature enables users to always have be able to see what friends are currently online. This means that they can send their friends messages from anywhere and know they will receive a response because they are currently online. Overall, the Facebook feature is something that many phones most likely should have had years ago because of its popularity.

Some of the other important aspects of the HTC Salsa are the screen size and quality, the memory and the camera quality. The screen of this phone is a 3.4 inch touch screen and has a resolution of 480 by 320 pixels. This is good for viewing high-definition video or even movies that were uploaded from a computer. The phone has a 600 MHz processor and has 512 MB of RAM that runs all of the widgets and applications on the phone. The internal memory is 512 MB but it can be expanded with the use of a microSD card. The camera on the phone is 5 megapixels, which is fairly standard for modern smart phones but still great to have on a phone.

In my opinion, the HTC Salsa is, perhaps, the best phone for people who rely on Facebook as their main choice of communicating. The phone will meet the needs of all social networking fanatics and will supply them with a fairly quick processor without requiring them to spend very much money. When compared to the HTC ChaCha, this phone looks more modern and is slightly more desirable to own than any other phone that focuses on social networking.

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