The New Google Social Network– Google+ Project — Why It will be a Success??

Google has finally unveiled Google+, the company’s top secret social layer that turns all of the search engine into one giant social network.. But people speculating that It would fail as other projects of Google and is not a facebook killer at all…But such is not the case…Find out Yourself.. Music : Kevin MacLeod
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  1. MARIOLUIGI080198 says:

    it’s a good thing that g+ doesn’t hav employees that sell passwords

  2. TheProjectMJ says:

    Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Google is big… But Facebook is adjusted and easy.

  3. BeastachuLV16 says:

    will I do any of those things? Why would I when Skynet does all those things for me?

  4. 90cdowns says:

    google will fall

  5. lisekimball says:

    Thoughts about the new social network, UNTHINK?

  6. gariouscom says:

    @hardcoresupershow I know right and the social media battle begins now! Do you think it will topple the Zuckerberg’s empire now that it is open for all?

  7. Fontroy says:

    @cn7887 You need an invite cn, I can provide one, just message ya gmail. I’ve plenty to spare.

  8. earthy075 says:

    Google + and Facebook should just team up together and create the best social networking site.

  9. RickyBarnesBlog says:

    Lol) Watch The Truth About Social Networking on my channel!

  10. cn7887 says:

    PLEASE ANSWER !!!!!! How do you join google+ !!!!

  11. Wildthing1984 says:

    @StefansTechShow send me one please Jeandagenais84@gmail.com thanks in advance , i.,ve been waiting for a long time to try it cause i’m tired of facebook

  12. homebaseincome101 says:

    I think it’s awesome that when people click on search results with the +1 button that the +1 is sent to the google +1 social networking website. As usual, google will become number one again when their google +1 social network outranks all the rest.

  13. PowerPoint91 says:

    at least it looks a lot more interesting than fb

  14. 1clevername says:

    Google plus is much better than failbook.. It will soon make facebook the next myspace and all you facebook fanboys will be forced to move on over to the much better google plus.

  15. NateTheGreat25 says:

    think facebook and twitter on top? think again and checkout my video on my page about the new facebook and twitter website.

  16. VCGamer7 says:

    who wants a google plus invite? send me a personal message or watch my video at youtube.com/watch?v=5HM98VlFlug

  17. play69zoe says:

    I’m ready to get on google+ bye bye facebook plz transfer my friends to google plus. thank you.

  18. zakahtekahs says:

    R.I.P. Facebook!!!

  19. EmoHaircutMan says:

    Someone please send me inviation! zelocold@gmail.com

  20. StefansTechShow says:

    If anyone wants an Invite to Google Plus just PM me and i’ll send you one 🙂
    After all, what’s the point of a Social Network if it’s closed to the public

  21. dkbink20 says:

    Free Google+ Invites!
    Click on My User Name:
    Send Me Your E-mails

  22. 763873 says:

    Quit profiling yourselves.

    Its all a data mining scam.

    Anonymity = Liberty

  23. black1skull2mamba says:


  24. snowstef69 says:

    Why is it that every time someone makes a good idea google has to come and shit all over it, Google’s that person at at a party who buys a bigger gift then the persons family……….. just no Google….no

  25. zik1zik says:

    Im sending out free invites ask if you want one but you have to subscribe

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