The Network Marketing Community Shoot Our Wounded? Zeek Rewards Affiliates Shot Down

Why is it we in the network marketing community, being such proponents for personal development, positive thinking and the law of attraction, are so fast to shoot our wounded, instead of helping them to heal?
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  1. jomobe777 says:

    Zeek Rewards Federal Class Action Lawsuit.
    If you were a member of ZR and would like to get your money back join us in the fight. You need to hurry, timing is very important with a case like this. Go to zrlawsuitdotcom and fill out the form. Someone from Patric Miller Law will be in contact with you. Please have patience due to the number of X Affiliates that are joining. NO RETAINER FEE
    it will cost u nothing, unlike the case

  2. HockeyAdvice says:

    Unless you make your own MLM, then that’s a system etc.. haha Only way I can see MLM being a business minded move is if you create your own.

  3. HockeyAdvice says:

    Dude, anyone who’s interested in MLM should just be a little more creative & just come up with something themselves. I’m business minded, everyone who is in MLM’s always claims they are business minded. While my friends were trying to get me into an MLM, I’m over here trying to figure out my own system, my own way to sell products etc.. Instead of subscribing to something that already exists. Started my first biz with a few hundred bucks, it’s possible! 25 now.

  4. Johnny Belsome says:

    If you sign the form already please do not sign again. If you never sign up to join the federal class action lawsuit against ZR & Paul Burks do it now. I can’t stress this enough, if you want to get your money back do it now. The URL is (zrlawsuitdotcom)
    As of today 42,000 affiliates joined go see for yourself. Your not alone and please call the law firm to verify this is true. All the info is on the site.

  5. mjwparadigm says:

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  6. menderfire9 says:

    Excuse me all you haters, if you have are so much more ethical, unbiased, wise , and educated with better insider information than Troy Dooly has why aren’t you busting your brain to find a way to put up videos showing us exactly what you know and what you’re made of? Show us something more accurate, less biased than Troy… The truth is that you just have small minded opinions based on absolutely nothing but a small character and a small mind with huge ego problems.

  7. urfirstenergychoice says:

    Thousands of former Zeek affiliates are joining Ultimate Power Profits. I’ve personally had conference calls with many 6 figure Zeek earners who are in my business and we are the new leaders. Just see our alexa rankings. We are not a penny auction but have points and a marketing machine. Only the legal features of a penny auction and MORE! Billionaire Scotty Evans has created the greatest company the world has ever seen. This is not a joke and no little startup compares. See my channell.

  8. Paulmunsie says:

    My family (inlaws) were in Lyoness and I avoided it because I was already in Lyoness. I am sorry for any of you that have been hurt in Zeek. When Dr. Keith Laggos spoke of Zeek, he mentioned ha had started a position in Lyoness. Keith is the number one authority on MLM’s in America. He stated Lyoness is the next hottest thing to hit America. I can tell you that is true. Lyoness is what I do full time and I will explain the business to you and help you build your own Lyoness. Paulmunsie@yahoo.com

  9. jomobe777 says:

    Federal class action lawsuit against Rex Venture Group LLC, and Paul Burks.
    Go to zrlawsuitdotcom get on this suit in order to stand any chance of getting your money back.

  10. instillation9 says:

    Please Sign the Petition for the White-House !!!

    Address: //0.mk/…ZeekPetition

    Stop The SEC And Attorney General From Stealing Our Business.. !

  11. instillation9 says:

    !!! Send the North Carolina Attorney General an email from their facebook page. Trying to get them 20,000 messages today !!!

    address: //budurl(.)com/rr8n

  12. jomobe777 says:

    Helping all ZR Affiliates

    We are not selling anything or trying to promote another business. Just helping all those who need a refund. Since Monday we have helped over 40,000 people go see how

    Johnny Belsome
    Email me with any concerns johnnybelsome@gmail

  13. instillation9 says:

    Send the North Carolina Attorney General an email from their facebook page. Trying to get them 20,000 messages today.

    htt p…: //budurl(.)com/rr8n

  14. Richard thomas says:

    Time to move on people, zeek is going nowhere, so sorry for all the peeps involved but we need to start looking forward again. Here’s something I am doing which is generating some amazing commissions and backed up by an English IT company rather than penny auctions which no doubt will be made illegal soon. (remove space in url) ezmoneymethod.co m/readyrewards

  15. instillation9 says:

    Please Sign the Petition for the White-House !!!

    Address: htt.p.s.. //petitions.whitehouse(.)gov/petition/support-keeping-zeek-rewards-open-stop-sec-and-attorney-general-stealing-our-business/YTbTXj3q?utm_source=wh

    Support Keeping ZeekRewards Open: Stop The SEC And Attorney General From Stealing Our Business.. !

  16. instillation9 says:

    Please Sign the Petition for the White-House !!!

    Address: htt.p.s.. //petitions.whitehouse(.)gov/petition/support-keeping-zeek-rewards-open-stop-sec-and-attorney-general-stealing-our-business/YTbTXj3q?utm_source=wh

    Support Keeping ZeekRewards Open: Stop The SEC And Attorney General From Stealing Our Business.. !

  17. Paulmunsie says:

    Lyoness is my sole source of income and I am here full time to support you. Lyoness is what Dr. Keith Laggos spoke about when he gave the controversial Youtube interview.He said Lyoness was the next hot MLM in America. I am part of the fastest growing leg of Lyoness in the USA.If you would like to find out how Lyoness pays you and what drives this sustainable business, please email me at paulmunsie@gmail.com

  18. tirekingone says:

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  19. candymanplx says:

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  20. RoyallyPaid says:

    Dear Zeek Reward Afliates, So sorry to see another bunch of hardworking individuals have their source of income and dreams crushed. This has happened to me before in the past and i made a great recovery so despair not. To look at replacing lost income please visit w w w paidroyally com. Someone will be in touch shortly. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  21. 123zywiec123 says:

    7:29 You say ” you want to keep the information flowing” Well, you better get your facts straight when you start posting up information. You single handedly contributed to many victimes in this Ponzi scheme. I hope you know that. And now, few days later you have the audasity to post a new review video about new ponzi company. It’s obvious that you just need to get the hits on your youtube videos.

  22. managers2012 says:

    Hey Troy, “If you’re in network marketing, act like it”. You really need to change your catch phrase, man. The degree of hypocrisy you display is sickening. All this time you posed as an unbiased outsider who was just reporting on Zeek & giving everyone the “facts”. When in reality, you were a biased & paid consultant by Zeek & most likely getting paid as an affiliate as well. You know this is true. Quit bullshitting everyone.

  23. managers2012 says:

    I apologize if my last comment was harsh, but I just lost $20K in Zeek & I’m pissed! Troy’s videos & viewpoints on Zeek gave me the confidence to invest more of my hard earned money, but apparently Troy’s viewpoints regarding Zeek were completely biased since he was a paid consultant and or even an affiliate w/ the company. You need to think about the effect you have had on people by trying to come across as an unbiased outside observer, Troy, when in fact, you were not.

  24. managers2012 says:

    Everyone needs to take what Troy says w/ a grain of salt. He gives SOME good info., but he talks out of the side of his mouth & only shares half truths. The reason he supported Zeek so strongly is because he was getting paid by Zeek as a consultant. He said it himself in one of his other videos. He said he “was a consultant” for Zeek. Surely he doesn’t offer his consultation for free & that is why he was so upset on his radio show. He said, “This sucks, this really sucks.”

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