The “Masks” We Wear That Destroy Authentic Confidence


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  1. armaunda says:

    Thanks Katie for this very enlightening message! In many ways I grew up like you very shy around others and for the most part I overcame it but, at times it subconsciously pops up on me. It just depends on what I’m working to acheive or I’ll create success at something but only to a point and then it stalls. So, I know I have some more work to do within this area of my self.

  2. Viper46534 says:

    You’re wearing a mask in this video.

  3. Genaro Flores says:


  4. h260161 says:

    So very very true

  5. rickfromhome says:

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  6. humanyoda says:

    I agree with you. Live creatures usually respond differently to different interaction partners. This could be described as putting on masks. That seems natural to me. Some masks are more natural to us than others, by the way.

  7. bahbcat says:

    Many people around are simply not capable of tolerating the Truth of the people around them. If you want to interact with people you must have some “mask” to be understood. The problem is thinking your mask is yourself.
    And YES, I always go into public with a mask on. Much less Drama that way. You don’t want me to be unedited if I’m around you. You would probably want to force some “obligation” onto me. And you would run run run as fast as you can if you saw that rejection.

  8. humanyoda says:

    That is a problem only if you think you are obligated to keep those people around you.

  9. wwetheundertaker says:

    Im so glad I stumbled upon your videos! i realised that I’ve also been wearing masks, sometimes not even being aware of it while im doing so. Growing up I was always shy and looked up to the larger than life personalities of WWF wrestlers or 80s action heroes like arnold schwarzenegger. Something I still try to imitate today in certain social situations. I’ve been studying techniques recently to try and become more aware of myself and your videos have helped in a very positive way! Thankyou 🙂

  10. volshebstvos2006 says:

    Like the message. Will be practicing this awareness . The only problem with this that people dont like when we take off our mask that they used to seeing around them. And so be it!

  11. Jules72883 says:

    Just found this message, I am highly familiar with this! I am currently writing a thesis on it actually. I encourage you to read the book, “True Faced,” by John Lynch! Glad someone else gets it!

  12. stepho68 says:

    You’re a little ray of sunshine Katie :))

  13. iriamrivera says:

    Great message.

  14. netdivvycaryn says:

    Katie, Finally, i found you. Wasn’t sure how to spell your name. What a wonderful word you present in your video. i was just expressing to a pastor friend on face book a few minutes ago how people are not just going to church but actually being the “church” outside of the church walls to those in need in the world. Your word inspires me greatly and you have shown me that i need to take a look to see if i am being my authentic self. skype with me sometime. bckehrly caryn elizabeth

  15. nicjoy80 says:

    Yes, I often wear a mask to compensate people feelings and I never consider mine and therefore, they don’t either. I’m trying to break out of it!

  16. LOVEronica22 says:

    you rock, sister!! Thanks for inviting us to reveal who we REALLY are!! There is nothing more liberating!!! Light ahead, beautiful! 🙂

  17. GeraldGigerl says:

    you´re always comming up with some entertaining stuff Katie! I 

  18. llittlerain says:

    Nice hat,LOve YoU Katie!

  19. djsuperstar717 says:

    I need to go out to meet more women and have more sex.
    That would be the real me….

  20. ryanbiddulph says:

    An awesome message Katie.

    You become the best you by being true to you. The cool thing about being yourself is that like-minded people tend to respond to you quickly when you are simply being you.

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