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London Real meets Coach and Speaker John P. Morgan Jr. TWEET this video Click clicktotweet.com More episodes on www.youtube.com LIKE us on Facebook @ www.facebook.com FOLLOW us on Twitter @ twitter.com LISTEN IN ITUNES:itunes.apple.com BONUS FOOTAGE on www.londonreal.tv enter your EMAIL to receive John P. Morgan Jr. explains how everyone must go on a journey in life into the unknown, why our perceptions very often differ from reality, how The Magnetic Man is not an acquisitional dating model but focusses on attraction naturally and authentically, and why people must simply play the cards we’ve been dealt. “I think the value of personal development is getting different ways of seeing the world, different perspectives.” – John (02 “The way we see the world isn’t actually how the world is. Our perception is not the reality.” – John (03:05) “The hero’s journey is a Joseph Campbell idea that everyone goes on a journey in their life and they have to venture into the unknown.” – John (04:22) “I think deep down people do understand that you have to step outside your comfort zone to grow and experience new things.” – John (05:05) “I was just curious what the Magnetic Man is like and how it differers from Daygame?” – Brian (12:38) “We’re about focussing on a man and creating a man who’s attractive naturally and authentically.” – John (13:00) “The problem with all of the acquisitional dating models out there is that they all come from a place of need.” – John (14:31) “Ultimately the
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  1. Matt Dempsey says:

    love the show guys!!!!

  2. JUSTIN BATTEN says:

    yeah he kinda sucks

  3. BRAKATDC says:

    maybe his views really hit you in a way that made you think about yourself more than usual and it makes you uncomfortable?

  4. walidhoyek says:

    To be honest.. I think u are like the wrong axes of the camera that is filming .. Looking to yourself but not to people.. In spite of you being with good intentions I saw bitterness & pain done by other people. My opinion if you ask would be to heal through Jesus hurt done by other people, maybe what i’ve said seems disrespectful it’s more fruitful to listen to the risen word of God personified in Jesus.By the way who came at first the chicken or the meaning & the reason:)

  5. maokize says:


  6. Misseffortlesslychic says:

    This guy is really off putting.

  7. EirikHendenMedia says:


  8. JeremySyrosTroughton says:

    thanks for the invite to listen, didnt know about you guys… i’m an avid listener to most of the Deathsquad participants over in the U.S i.e Ari, Joe, Duncan, Joey etc… i’ll add your podcast to my subscription list!

  9. delgriffithification says:

    If you have more money than sense, go and see this guy!!!

  10. John P Morgan says:

    When I coach women I try to get them to see how much men love to be ‘seduced’ into action. By seduced I don’t mean manipulated. I mean her opening in a way that makes it impossible to not be drawn in. Sometimes this is the way she moves or smiles, but most often it can be as simple as the way she looks at him. The secret is that the feminine is the true leader. Her moves are subtle, a wince, a smirk, an inviting stare…but in the natural flow they always come first.
    Draw him in, Susan.

  11. John P Morgan says:

    Thank you Susan! I have to say, Brian and Nick are the best I’ve ever interviewed with. So natural and laid back and curious!

  12. abuhamza1970 says:

    Personally I think women respond very positively to integrity from men. Or another way of looking at it is being genuine. I’ve found that most Alpha males are a turn off to most women. They may go there for a quick fling, but not relationship material. I’ve found being the “Anti-Alpha” or “Omega” male has always worked for me. But then I’ve always been into nerdy, specs & sweater types rather than high heels and short skirts. Each to their own I suppose

    Be yourself, be true, be strong, be cool.

  13. abuhamza1970 says:

    The whole “be honest with her” is every guys problem. Let’s face it you date to have a relationship. So be honest but don’t come on too strong, and don’t stare at her chest. That doesn’t work, believe me I know!

    Amazing vid!

  14. joe maxton says:

    breaking this dudes balls now brian

  15. LondonRealTV says:

    I also use fasting for health reasons – thanks for your comment.

  16. LondonRealTV says:

    Glad to hear London Real has managed to tear you away from Guild Wars – I’m a big gamer myself and I know how difficult it is to focus on anything else when you have a new game to play 😉 – Nic

  17. LondonRealTV says:

    Sounds like you should be straight up with him Susan!

  18. LondonRealTV says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Susan. One of our earlier guests discussed the unified field theory – the name of the episode was Movies, Money and Mind Power – you can find it on our channel.

  19. susanshelit says:

    44:15 Check out the unified field theory (omg, its quantum physics again!). Yes there is a field out there that is ín everthing and aróund everything. It becomes intelligent through our engagement (with our brains) with it. It is vibrational in nature, everyone of us chooses what the translation of that vibration is, in thoughts and words. Marvelous isn’t it 🙂
    Enjoyed this tremendously! Thank you all very much 🙂

  20. susanshelit says:

    Wow. dude! you should hear again what he says!: Not only do they make me feel uncomfortable but I know objectively that their way is wrong and I need to fix it. 42:00. If anyone géts that, truely géts that, then the world will be perfect for éveryone living here.

  21. susanshelit says:

    I am also an avid believer (knower through empirical data 😉 ) of the law of attraction. It amazes me how absolutely on target this is!!! So, dropping the bomb on myself. I have a coworker that I fell sort of in love with (male) buuuuut he’s not giving of clear signals and I thought “ahwell, never mind, just be happy, go with the flow”. But today he asked me something, I looked at him and pów, there’s this connection. I feel it! But… what to do? he’s not making any advances…

  22. susanshelit says:

    You know… Guildwars 2 has launched and I am a hardcore gamer but somehow when your vid popped up in my email I just had to watch it (Guildwars will have to wait for this!). You guys do such amazing things. This guy he… Wow! Magnetic allright! Such wonderfull energy! It just explodes of the screen 😀 I especially liked viewing the interaction between the three of you XD

  23. John P Morgan says:

    @vanessad1az Hah!

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