The Love Hate Relationship With Social Media Advertising

The Love Hate Relationship With Social Media Advertising

Article by Jesus

Many people have a love hate relationship with a certain popular social media site. I know I sure do. I focused on nothing but a certain popular social media site for 6-8 months. Their system was easy to use most of the time and I was making a killing advertising there. There are not many places where you can create an ad and get it in front of millions of people within minutes.

A certain popular social media site has changed a lot in the last year. They have gone from being very strict with their advertising policies, to very lenient, to very strict again, several times. When they were easy to deal with, the money flowed freely. There was several things I was promoting on a certain popular social media site that would make 1k, 5k, 10k a day in profit. It was wonderful while it lasted. At one point I was spending so much money each day with a certain popular social media site that I was assigned my own account manager and was given access to submit ads without approval. This is the holy grail of this social media site’s advertising. The single thing that has been the bane of all this popular social media site’s advertising has been the approval process.

With a certain popular social media site’s approval process, the rules are always changing and most of them are very subjective. This lead to people being able to get things approved that were previously denied, just by submitting them multiple times or at different times of the day. This lead to a lot of cry’s of unfairness and frustration with the system. Many automatic submission tools came out and people adopted the bulk submission strategy. Submit your 200 ads and hide the 20 non-complaint ads in with the compliant ones. Strategies like this were sometimes the only way to get your ads approved.

Many of the most profitable niches, such as re-bill products, ring-tone products and others were not allowed anymore, but then brought back. People cried and then they rejoiced. This didn’t really effect me since my main niches were jewelry, games and freebies. Well, everything good much come to an end. The jewelry offer I was promoting decided to cut their payout in half, which made it unprofitable. I thought, no big deal I have a couple other offers making me big money. Then came the laundry list of policy changes. A certain popular social media site decided that they cared about the end user experience and started shutting down all of our offers. We could no longer promote downloadable games or most freebie offers.

This was very unfortunate, as those were the only things still making me a bunch of cash. We figured this would just be a temporary change, like most of their other policy changes, but we were wrong. Six months later and they have not changed their minds and all of us have had to move on. There are still things to advertise on this particular social media site that will turn a profit, but the glory days of making 5-10k a day are pretty much over. This has taught all of us that you need to have a stable source of income to keep things going, so never rely on one place. Expand, dominate and innovate.

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